Lucrative Business Ideas For Machine Learning In Malaysia

List of business ideas for machine learning in Malaysia and how to implement them

There are hundreds of business ideas in machine learning in Malaysia, but here we have to cater to needs of the Malaysian market. So, according to the demand of the market we present you some of the ideas which you can implement to start up with.
Well-organized healthcare system

“Machine learning in medicine has recently made headlines,” said Corbett, the medical officer at Health Catalyst.

Although, there are many improvements seen in the healthcare industry, but still the basic infrastructure needs enhancement. Innovative machine learning models can be implemented to save the personal data of the patients and their minute details of the disease. The model can also help in suggesting the deficiency in healthcare provided, which might be needed urgently and overlooked by the doctors.

Lucrative Business Ideas For Machine Learning In Malaysia
The models should be able to detect that which disease they are having and the way to its cure. Sometimes, it happens that most of the checkups do not give the accurate results. Like in case of cancer, the reports do not come positive until and unless it reaches the 4th stage. There is a lot of potential in this regard, the models can detect that which people have the tendency to get sick in the near future and which people are sick and are not aware of it.

It can also detect about the patients who are not taking efficient care of themselves. The device should let their doctors know about their health and their routines in order to keep tracks. This would be actively accepted by the society because there is a need for conscious healthcare, which shortage of time does not allow.

Autonomous car driving

We are not far from driving self-driven cars. But, their need is still not known that if the customers will rely on this machine learning model or not. The aim of this model is to drive the car safely and operate without humans. This will help in sending the car for grocery shopping while payment can be done via contact with retail department.


Many retail companies are trying to come up with machine learning models, which enable them to know more about the customer’s needs, demographics and tastes. Machine learning products can help in recommending the products or discounts after sensing the need. The digital model can track the overall user experience from entrance to shopping, to follow up to get to know about the likes of the customers. So, he can be provided better experience the next time with the data collected. If you can make such machine learning system, it will be readily bought by the retail stores and customers as well.

Cyber security

Machine learning models are in a way to get hold of cybercrimes. The models are prone to detect suspicious activity by tracking the past records and ongoing threats. These machine learning models can work all the time, keeping an eye on mediums which have potential to be attacked. Cybercrime harm expenses are assessed to cross $6 trillion annually by 2021. Authorities forecast that corporations will spend over $1 trillion in cyber security amenities from 2017 to 2021 to offset this rising danger. You can contribute by opening a business which can help industries to deal with the cybercrimes.


A machine learning model can be designed to keep track of the emails you send to people. Sometimes, you write wrong about someone and send the email to the same person. This can result in damage of the repute and end of relationships. It can happen among family members or in office, and such emails can put your future at stake. Come up with a model which can alert you about your email and your mistake, to send to a wrong person. It can save us from our own human errors.

Sales work

The machine model should help in selling the products. There are persons who are very efficient at selling their products, but sometimes they might forget the key points to cater the needs of the customers. The model will sense the customers and let the sale person know how to pitch that particular client. This will help many businesses in their sales and will actively be purchased.


It can help the person present in a better way. Sometimes, the person has prepared a speech very well but the moment he goes to a stage, he forgets what he has to say. The machines learning model will help in reminding the points and help in boosting the confidence. It will be beneficial for teachers, students, presenters and business people.

To find the pieces

In this world of documentation, sometimes it becomes really hard to find a desired file. The machine learning model will help in finding and letting the user know about the document. This will save time in searching and we can use the same time in reading. This also has a potential and many buyers will be ready to get it.

Malaysian market always welcomes new business ideas. All you have to do is to come up with a new business idea or improve the previous technologies and provide ease to the customers. The machine learning models which are helpful for the environment and society are readily accepted and it can help your business to grow steadily. You can work as an entrepreneur or as an employee as well. But, do come up with some new innovation as the market is always open to new entrants. You can get your share as well. if you are a technical person and want to build up your own business in Malaysia.