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The wedding day is the most special day for the couple tying the knot. Therefore, they want everything to be perfect from flower arrangements to centre pieces, catering and photography. The couple’s photo shoot is definitely something that not only helps capture great moments of that day but also seize the emotions of the couple. Capturing these emotions in pictures is an art and only a great photographer can do it well. And this is what Milan Teh from Penang, Malaysia is best known for.

Seizing Precious Moments in Pictures
Starting his professional photography career since the young age of 22 in year 2009, Milan is a passionate and highly-skilled wedding & portrait photographer with over 7 years of experience under his belt. His passion for photography can be described as his first love. He is the founder of Milan Teh Studio, serving clients who resonate with his work throughout Malaysia.

Milan Teh Studio Wedding PhotographerThe quality of his photography and his eye for capturing timeless aesthetics in pictures has earned him recognition for being the youngest Penang wedding & portrait photographer who received the Accolade of Excellence by the prestigious Wedding & Portrait Photographer International (WPPI, USA). WPPI competition accepts photo submission from professional photographers worldwide. Earning a recognition from WPPI truly proclaims the skills possessed by the selected photographers, acknowledging the substance each of them possesses in the industry.

The way Milan works with couples for wedding photo shoots has made him the go-to wedding photographer in Penang among couples planning to tie the knot. His easy going, friendly and chirpy personality helps put shy couples at ease. Milan believes that helping couples to feel comfortable in the shoot is extremely important. That way, he can captures their authentic emotions and seize precious moments in pictures which the couple can look back on, relive over and over again.

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An Eye for Creativity and the Knack for Clicking High Quality Pictures
Today, Milan is one of the most preferred wedding photographers in Malaysia. He has earned the trust and respect of clients from Malaysia and abroad based on his quality of work and integrity. However, the success that he enjoys today came after overcoming several obstacles. Let’s just say his journey had a lot of bumps which he surpassed successfully to get to where he stands today.

The biggest hurdle in his journey to success was his age. Since he started out very young, he didn’t have enough money to buy all necessary equipment that are needed to operate the business smoothly. People are also worried whether they could trust such a young person on the job for the moment of their lifetime either. In the aim of being really good at what he does, Milan eventually quits university and his part time job as a computer tutor to pursue a full-time career as a photographer despite the lacking of financial situation and experience to compete with other industry players who are easily 8 years older than him at the time.

Pursuing Passion Wholly and Solely on His Own
Milan’s tenacity combined with his eye for creativity and the knack for creating high quality pictures propelled him forward. Being a wedding photographer requires many expensive high grade equipment and frequent self-education. This could be ranging from top of the line DSLR cameras and lenses to cater to wedding receptions that have dim lighting conditions, a high spec computer with good colour reproduction and handles extensive editing of thousands of images without hiccup, backup solutions that keep the photos safe and secure, photography workshops and books etc.

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Milan Teh Studio Wedding PhotoshootsWhat’s worthy of applauding about Milan is that he pursued his passion solely on his own without financial support from his family. His work reflected class, elegance and creativity even though he didn’t have the best photography equipment when he first started. He made use of everything he could afford at the time and gradually upgrade his equipment he needed to improve his service and offerings.

Working with Full Commitment
Another challenge that he was up against was running marketing campaigns to get more business. Paying for marketing efforts requires endless money. Since he did not have that kind of money at disposal, he had to market only through his work. The only chance he got to promote himself and get more bookings was to ensure that whenever he worked with a client on a wedding photo shoot, it had to be really great. That’s the only way to ensure continued survival. Milan works with every client with full commitment and made sure that they had a great time during the shoot and are happy with the photographs.

Besides this, the big age gap between Milan and his earlier wedding clients and competitors also proved to be a challenge for him to overcome. He had to make sure that his work is taken seriously by all of them. Furthermore, to strike a conversation with clients who were at least 8 to 10 years older than him, was no less than a challenge. Being a curious lad, he subsequently cultivated the habit of reading books on topics such as business, arts and self-improvements. This indirectly helped expand his world view and that also helped him with starting conversation with people.

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His profound knowledge over different subjects enabled his contemporaries to see him as a knowledgeable young man and his work helped him earn their respect and see him as a promising photographer.

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