Business Idea For Personal Or Specialized Chef In Malaysia

Rising demand of a personal chef or specialty chef in Malaysia and how to take advantage of it

A personal chef in Malaysia has a great scope to start this business. A personal chef is a person who is hired by different people or organizations, to work in their kitchen and cook for them according to their needs. They are paid for their culinary services. Therefore, if you are confident about your culinary services, do not waste time on staying idle. Invest the time in cooking for people and earn the money you dream to make.

A business should always not be about earning an income; it should also be concerned about what you love. If you love cooking, the job of being personal chef will keep you happy because you are doing what makes you happy. You are ready to invest your full exertion on the work you love.

Another benefit of this business would be that; you are your own boss; you are not bound to obey the orders. If you do not want to go to a certain place for cooking, you can deny the offer as well. Being personal chef is far more entertaining than it sounds. Your job is to go to a place cook, earn and come back.

Business Idea For Personal Or Specialized Chef In Malaysia So, if you think you have all the abilities of being a personal chef, make a plan. A plan must include all the details of how, when and where to start with it. This plan should describe your services, your availability and the foods you can cook. You can advertise your business through different marketing channels like Facebook, banners, flyers or by making your own website.

In Malaysia, specialty chefs or personal chefs have high demand. Specialized chefs have to have knowledge of food and they can alter the food, according to the demand of the consumers. In Malaysia, people are becoming health oriented and they prefer healthy food over junk. Therefore, the chef is prone to customize food according to the health requirements. Chefs can charge more for healthy dishes and the health conscious people are willing to pay extra, for such food items.

What are the responsibilities of a personal chef?

  • He/she has to plan a menu
  • He/she has to order the stock
  • List the ingredients
  • Prepare meals
  • Keeping good care of hygiene
  • Present meal in an attractive way
  • Has to maintain all operations related to meals

What skill set is must for a personal chef in Malaysia

The chefs are required to pay keen attention to every minute detail. The decorations should be very neat and clean, with no error. Fine dining involves a lot of work like presentation, neatness, hygiene and serving manners. This all should be catered to make a good impression on the customers.

The chef must have strong organizational and time management skills. Therefore, plan the schedule of the day and distribute time to each task accordingly. You have to give every meal its respective time, instead of making all the meals at the same time and killing their taste. Plan accordingly, that which tasks need to be finished first and work in a sequence.
A good chef must have good communication skills because at large parties, a lot of other chefs will also be there to assist you. You should have team work skills in you to cooperate with them. Personal chef does not mean that you have to deal with all the matters alone. You should have skills to negotiate and come to terms that tasks should be distributed evenly among all the chefs.

Requirements to be a chef in Malaysia

A university degree is not the criteria for being a chef, as long as you eat dream and breathe culinary, you are qualified to be a chef. A vast experience and creativity in making delicious food is all you need. However, a culinary art course is must for getting to know more about the industrial chefs. This way you will know how much competition you have and how to deal with it.

Working hours for a chef in Malaysia

The chefs are the busiest persons. Do not expect to have holidays and free time because once you have become a well-known chef, you will be in demand. The chefs get more orders on weekends since people love to enjoy food on weekends. The working hours are also not specific, someday you will have to work for few hours and the other days you might be busy for 12 hours. There are irregular work hours which you have to deal with. So, there is no time limit, you can get called anytime and anywhere, be prepared for that. You might miss out on special days like holidays, ceremonies, birthdays etc.

If you intend to be personal chef in Malaysia, do not wait and just think. Analyze the market and your culinary skills as well. If people around you like the food you cook, then you are already in demand. Do not wait, advertise yourself as a culinary master to start your business as personal chef. The love for creativity in culinary will keep you motivated and the income is also good.