Tips To Step Up Your First Investor Pitch in Malaysia

How To Attract Investors Using A Great Investor Pitch In Malaysia

Investors don’t come to you, you have to go find them. When you are a business owner in a market like Malaysia, most of the investors already have their hands full. So, it is not at all practical to think that if once you have a great idea, there will be people knocking at your door pleading you to use their money. You have two options, one is to get out and find potential investors, and another to generate a lot of interest in people about your business so that they want to bet their money in you. One of the best ways to do it is to set up a pitch deck, which is basically you presenting your business ideas to the potential investors so they invest in what you are doing. Anyway, your pitch deck must be insightful in order to be effective and to help you with that, here is everything you need to include in your presentation to set up an effective investor pitch in Malaysia.


Make It Engaging

Before telling about the things you need to mention in the pitch, don’t forget, you are almost telling poem with your pitch. It means that people should be interested in an emotional level in your investor pitch. They have to see the passion in your eyes and make sure that they are genuinely interested in investing in you.

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Quick Insight (Elevator Pitch)

First, you will need to summarize everything about your business and the pitch deck itself. Start with an introduction, tell what product or service you want to provide and your business strategies. Remember, even if it is short, it can’t be vague, and the purpose of this step is to make it clear to the audience where they are headed into.


About Your Team

Tell the audience about your team. Tell them about their roles and skillsets. Include everyone in this section and also tell the audience about your chemistry and how you work together to get things done.


Problems and Solutions

This is where you tell the investors about the problems the consumers are facing or the needs of the market. This is not what you do out of instinct and you will need first hand analyzed data to verify your statements. At the same time, also explain how your idea is going to be useful to help solve the problems.



Well, this doesn’t need to be explained. Of course, the people are there out of curiosity about your product. Explain in brief about your product or the services you want to offer. Don’t miss out a thing and tell them everything you can about the stuff your business is providing.



Nobody will invest in you if you don’t have potential. Tell them frankly about the current situation of your business and avoid adding anything into it. Be completely honest and try to show that your business is promising.

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This could be a challenging factor when adding your investor pitch in Malaysia. Take it this way; some investors might already know about the market in Malaysia of the related service. There is nowhere you could lie. So, you will need to analyze and research a lot before you prepare this section. Tell them everything about the market in the related field in the business.


Goals And Strategies

Make sure you don’t present yourself as an aimless business. Include your business goals in the investor pitch deck. And also don’t forget to mention the strategies you are going to use in order to get to them.


Business Model

Tell people the structure of your business and its schedule and how it will help you to reach your goals. Competitors People are interested in the competitors as well. So, mention each and every one of the business houses that you will have to compete with.



Tell them about the investments you need and expect to collect in the investor pitch.

Tips To Step Up Your First Investor Pitch in Malaysia


Leave Your Contact Details

Whether it be your e-mail or your phone number, leave a contact through which people could reach you instantly. Some people need some time to think, while others might change their mind in the later stage, keep this in mind.  Well, these were the things for you to include while setting up an investor pitch in Malaysia. I hope this article let will help you.