Business Idea for Purchasing a Profitable Website in Malaysia

How Can You Benefit From Purchasing a Profitable Website in Malaysia and Have a Success Story Up Your Sleeves?

We all possess different talents, expertise, and experiences in certain areas in life. You’ve probably heard about websites and all it does in the world of technology. But do you know that you can make some attractive incomes by purchasing a profitable website in Malaysia and begin your journey of financial independence?

An experienced web-developer can tell you for a fact the profitability of a website. Some people decide to develop a website from scratch and later sell it at a profit. But that can take longer to get traction. Here is why purchasing a profitable website in Malaysia is worthy.

You first need to have some experience and knowledge in SEO, content marketing, keyword research, linkage building, remunerated traffic, transition optimization, social media marketing among others. I’d say you better learn about website purchasing and selling (if need be) to stay devoid of purchasing a scam site.

The nature of the activities on a website will vary depending on the site. Some website garner revenues from Google AdSense or copywriting where you write content or even hire experienced writers to write for you. What you can opt for in adding some new income sources to the existing one (by simply installing some ad codes). With the existing income sources on web purchased, continue monetizing them to their full potential. For example, if you buy a website (especially those with huge traffics) and find out that it used ads in inappropriate places (sidebars or above navbar), you can go ahead a put the ads on their rightful places (within content) and increase your incomes.

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With that in mind, here’s a look at why purchasing a profitable website in Malaysia is noble, how to get a head start and what to look for when choosing a site to buy:

Find Your Own Niche

For you to get a great return on investment (ROI), you’ve to narrow down to a specific niche. Find an appropriate niche that suits your experience. Research more to see the feasible niche from your competitors. When purchasing a profitable website in Malaysia learn to look for existing traffic, content and income. This will give you a glimpse of how much effort you’d put to make the site even more profitable. Again, specializing in a specific niche means you’ll save a lot of time in research and analysis.

The Right Places to Buy a Website

Getting a genuine, profitable website can be challenging if you’re looking in the wrong places. The marketplace has lots of scam sites that claim to sell websites that you’ve to be wary of. One formidable website marketplace is For you, who is trying for the first time purchasing a profitable website in Malaysia go to Flippa. The reason is that it caters for starters who have low budgets with the best deals that you can get in the market. For those who are in eCommerce and looking for an eCommerce website, you can visit Exchange. The market in digital entrepreneurship is ever-changing, so, you have to be on continuous research at all times to get updates of the market trends.

Know What You’re Bargaining for in the Market

Majority of websites are valued with already what they make in revenue. The owners base their valuations by “potential,” but I’d say that’s neither here nor there. If that’s the case, why then would they be selling it in the first place? When bargaining on the prices while purchasing a profitable website in Malaysia, put into consideration the website traffic and RSS subscribers in your valuation. Don’t deal with fictitious figures, run your own. You can decide to put some AdSense components and run some test for one month and get the analysis. Alternatively, you can check the number of pages Google indexed and the number of backlinks directing to the website and of course the revenue history. Once you have that, you can go ahead and make a purchase.

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Business Idea for Purchasing a Profitable Website in Malaysia

The moment you find out that the website owner is prepared to sell to 12 times the monthly income, as long as the site is concrete, buy on the spot. After that, you can continue tweaking the website to develop the traffic and earnings and profiting from it. Again, it’s important to have some technical knowledge to manage the website especially if you choose to go for a complex site. The technical website would require you to have some knowledge in PHP, SQL, and JavaScript for you to succeed.

Establish a Business Name

Purchasing a profitable website in Malaysia is a business idea and if so you cannot operate on a vacuum. You have to get a business name for your business. The reason is that when you’ll be negotiating for prices, the seller would possibly want to deal with a company rather than an individual. It even sounds more professional dealing with a company. Registering a business name in Malaysia is straightforward.

You only have to get all the right documents and head to the Companies Commission Malaysia or SSM for registration. Whether it’s a sole proprietorship or a partnership, it’s also mandatory to register the business. The nominal fees are exorbitantly low to about RM30 and RM60 for a sole proprietorship respectively.