Business Idea for Real Estate Sales Consultant in Malaysia

How Becoming a Real Estate Sales Consultant in Malaysia is an Excellent Business Idea

What exactly do you have to know about real estate sales consultant in Malaysia?
At its epicenter, consultancy is about providing value-added, transparent choices in the type of services. As a consultant, you’re trained to offer a comprehensive need-based analysis.

You can provide a range of compensation options such as hourly consulting, a one-off fee or the typical commissions if your consulting tailored-made consumer requirements.

  • Some homeowner trying to choose whether to “vacate or upgrade” and desires they could get factual counsel.
  • Other purchaser who’s not sure whether they’re ready to purchase but would wish to get guidance on the market.
  • Few consumer who doesn’t want to pay a Realtor but feels deemed to go it solo to save on some cash.
  • Numerous purchaser who’s never opted for a discount broker or a discount commission but realized too late that it’s a disservice — hence losing cash and quality market time.

A real estate sales consultant responsibility is offering additional services such as property tax assistance and market valuations for insurance purposes among others.

Decide on the Type of Business Service Structure

In Malaysia, for you to practice any real estate sales consultant you must operate in a business structure. That structure can be a sole proprietorship, a partnership or a company registered with the Board. The  essence of it all is to have a reference point where clients can find you.

Registration to Practice as a Real Estate Sales Consultant

If you plan to launch a real estate sales consultant in Malaysia, you make an application for authority to practice. The application commences at the Registrar, and ends at the receipt of the nominal fee set by the Board of valuers, Appraisers and Estate Agents Malaysia (BOVEA). You must clearly state the reasons for the application through a statement.

Business Idea for Real Estate Sales Consultant in Malaysia

The Board requires any aspiring real estate sales consultant to have passed the recommended examination. Likewise, you should have obtained some practical experience and excelled in the Test of Professional Competence recommended by the Board or any equivalent acknowledged. There’re several Certification courses registered by the Malaysia Institute of Estate Agents (MIEA) that can get you started.

Invest on a Good Business Plan

Before you start rolling up your sleeves and selling your idea of real estate sales consultant in Malaysia, you must first ask yourself whether you have a good business plan. The significance of possessing a good business plan is that it will outline your marketing plan on how you’ll get buyers and sellers, market updates among others. In this industry of real estate, you must be heads up against you competitors.

Learn to do more research about the market evolution, customer’s tastes and preferences and the state laws and regulations. Your business plan should also outline how you plan to achieve your financial obligations.

Broaden Your Networks

The Malaysian real estate industry is rather on its ascendancy state, though, sluggishly but full of potential. As an aspiring real estate sales consultant in Malaysia, you can’t afford to miss out on such a huge opportunity. However, you can succeed in this competitive industry if you don’t possess a wider network base. But before you begin networking, you must first build your own image and networks. By creating your own online profile and connecting with the right networks, your odds of succeeding soars up.

Where Then Can you Find Such leads?

Well … it’s no doubt that social media have created a platform where people can connect and interact wherever we may be. You can decide to open a Facebook page or a LinkedIn platform that targets your, potential customers.

Remember that every day is a learning process, and I bet that feedbacks from customers can create a chance to address the grey areas. Learn to listen to their comments and sentiments and create a good rapport with them. The rule of the game is that you have to be on top of your game to outwit your competitors. Be bold in your negotiation skills and never compromise on your principles and work ethics.