Business Idea for Consumer Goods & Services Startups in Malaysia

Various Ideas for Consumer Goods and Services in Malaysia

Leaving a 9 to 5 job and putting your own business is one of the most major decisions you will ever make. You are going to give up the comfort of surely receiving a salary every month in exchange for the uncertainties whether your business will succeed or not. Since you are the boss of you, there is also a risk of missing out the sales target you have. Although, having a consumer goods and services in Malaysia Is not a ridiculous idea because the success rate is high.


The industry of supermarkets is made up of retailers that sell diverse food catering to different cultures for home consumption. The growing population of foreign nationals is the main reason why there is a demand for this business. It adds a significant amount of sales to the industry.

Over the next few years, the industry is expected to significantly rise. In addition, running a supermarket can bring you sales every day because people always need food. Especially if you will cater to different cultures. So, if you have a strategic location for a supermarket, then you can start from there because it should be in a place where it is convenient for people to go to.

Food Trucks

These days, food trucks can be found almost everywhere and with the right guidelines being introduced on license approval, it has become easier to own one. Even if you might need a little capital to start this business, it is quite easy to execute if you have a local following. Your food truck can be built by you or equipping an existing one is what some people do. Having a food truck does not mean limiting yourselves to sidewalks only because you can also be part of events and sell there. Choose a niche and come up with a unique menu because that will make you stand out from the rest.

A Laundry Business

Even if the world already adapted the use of digital equipment for finishing every day chores, a lot of people are still using traditional means. In addition, there are flats in certain areas that do not utilize or have washing machines. Instead, they prefer to have a laundry to wash their clothes. You can start a laundry business from home with a couple of extra services such as delivering washed clothes can help make your customers happy. This will gain you more profit and it will have a lasting impact on customers.

Online Store

The good thing about setting up business in Malaysia is it does not cost a lot to get it done. It is totally scalable which means you can begin by selling a couple of pieces to see the market demand for your products. After that, you can increase your products slowly while the demand is picking up. E-commerce is currently expanding and if you are into joining a current platform to sell things, that is an option for you too. With the internet’s popularity and everyone have access to it, an online store lets you reach a wide range of potential customers even while you are sitting at home.

Pet Sitting

When it comes to pets and comforting them, majority of canines would go for a backyard than a kennel to live in. The good thing is there are pet sitters who watch over pets while the owners are busy or went out of town. This is not only concentrated on dogs because you can also cater to cats and other creatures for more profit. You can also offer to walk dogs if you are into that kind of thing. You do not need a lot of capital for this and you will have fun with the pets.

Cellphone Accessories

Samsung, Apple, and other phone manufacturers release new models yearly and most people will upgrade their phone to the newest model. Even if opening a store of electronics that sells tablets and smartphones might need a big capital, this is still beneficial for you because of the demand. People are going to buy the latest phones and you can sell accessories and cases for smartphones and tablets. In addition, people are not going to buy just 1 case for their gadgets since there are a lot of designs out there.

Car Wash

If you want to start a car wash a business, you are going to need ample space for parking the cars and a steady water supply source. The good thing about this business idea is that your business can be expanded further into car repair and selling of auto parts. With a reasonable capital, this is an easy business to start if you want to make good profit. Also, you can use environment-friendly cleaning products because not all car washes offer this but that can be your selling point.

3D Printing Business

The interest of people in 3D printing significantly increased after consumer-friendly models were introduced to the market. The 3D printer evolved from industrial to certain communities to consumer market. But until now, not everyone can afford to pay for 3D printers. That is where the chance for entrepreneurs lie when they are offering this kind of service.

Business Idea for Consumer Goods & Services Startups in Malaysia
Transacting is easy because customers can just send the files of the designs they want done and when you are finished, product can be sent to their house.

Personal Chef

You can cook up yummy profit if you become a personal chef. Those who are talented in the culinary arts can most likely find clientele. People are always busy and working. Being away from home means they do not have time to cook a good meal. Those who will hire a personal chef expect to eat a well-prepared meal. You can also market your business to clients who might want to get you for special occasions.

Fishing Industry

Agriculture is a new startup that is emerging in the country. It is going to spread worldwide in the next years. Startups under aquaculture and technology under food safety has raised $193 million in 2016. There was a 271% growth in 2014 and 2015 on the $52 million gathered.

There are a couple of key areas under this industry that a lot of startups are solving such as food safety, operational productivity, traceability, and environmental sustainability. A lot of investors are choosing to invest in the fishing industry by building their own website and mobile apps.

Mystery Shopping

All you have to do is to wear your shopping shoes. Become a “mystery” shopper to test the service personnel. You can rate the attitude of the employees in local retail stores on their friendliness, attitude, and overall service. After that, you are to report back to t

he clients of the store owner and then help them make sure their service is really great.There are a ton of business ideas you can do. These are easy to start and your profit is almost guaranteed. The good thing about Malaysia today is they have learned to embrace more diversity and opportunities. A business offering consumer goods and services in Malaysia will surely succeed. People are always looking for something new to try. In addition, they want to stay updated on the latest products and trends available.