Business Idea for 3D Printing Business Ideas in Malaysia

The Best 3D Printing Business Ideas in Malaysia Will Not Make You Puzzled

3D Printing is another kind of technology. The industry is still looking for its place in the fields of technology, manufacturing and design, and others. There are a lot of entrepreneurs who can see its potential which is why they always welcome a lot of 3D printing business in Malaysia.

These entrepreneurs know the market they have there. You should also check it out if you want to make profit. There is already a demand in a couple of industries that are knowledgeable about 3D printing. Those who want to venture into a 3D printing business, they are already experts in this kind of technology.

Why is it a Good Idea to Start This Business?

Think of a future where a device connects to a computer and a solid object can be printed. A future where there are tangible goods and intangible services delivered to people’s desktops. 3D printing can offer an entrepreneur a lot of business ideas can start in Malaysia.

These can make you earn a lot now and even a lot more in the future because it will just get better as time goes by. The next huge thing in this industry is 3D printing. Nothing looks better than pictures being printed out exactly as how they look. It does not use toner or ink like the traditional printers because 3D printers are able to print in nylon, metal, plastic, and hundreds of other materials.


Promotional goods – Promotional goods have a lot of power in a company’s marketing strategy. The only issue is its cost. It is hard to find promotional goods with a lot of creativity. The restrictions are not the same with 3D printing, and that is why your business can help solve this problem for them. Aside from targeting companies, you can also offer your business to ad agencies.

Custom Collars for Pets – Pets need to be identified. A lot of owners have recognized a unique and personalized way of doing this. You can penetrate this market by offering to print pet collars.

Pet lovers have the tendency to spend a lot on their beloved companions. In addition, you can have custom content like the name and address, and contact details. Moreover, they get to choose their own shape, fonts and colors.

E-commerce stores – Companies in the e-commerce industry are looking for factories they can rely on overseas. It is expensive to locally manufacture products. Since the factory is far from where the company’s location, they may encounter a couple of problems. They could experience different factory standards, long times of production, and expensive and lengthy delivery times.

A lot of times, e-commerce businesses need to source more stocks than what they require to keep them from losing business. With your business, you are able to offer an affordable and less-limited solutions to their problems.

When you design and print products for e-commerce stores, you are tapping a huge market. Thank about the kinds of aspects these companies really pay attention to so they would want your services. After that, base your business plan on these concerns. You can start by creating a small batch of items for them but it will require a service that is slightly different. It is not just like creating an initial prototype for a new startup.

Business Idea for 3D Printing Business Ideas in Malaysia
Print fetus figurines for mothers who are expecting – Nothing is as real as producing the unborn baby’s figuring before they are born. There are companies that now offer 3D printed fetuses. You can work with medical facilities that have 3D ultrasounds to generate the data needed for figuring printing.

In the USA, there is a company that offers 4-inch figurines that cost $250 and their 8-inch figurines are priced $550. Both of them can be created from using the 3D ultrasound images and/or photos or newborn babies.

Events – This is a massive industry and you can offer your business to birthdays, weddings, graduation parties, and company events. If you are able to tap the events market by printing the event decorations and their other products, you will make huge profit. With events, people always want to get the best decorations and make everything look inviting. A 3D printing business can definitely get you into this industry. You can even sell decorations and accessories they can choose from.

Design apparel – 3D printing is adoptable to the clothing industry when fashion designers are testing out 3D-printed bikinis, dresses, and shoes. In producing commercials, Nike uses 3D printing in their prototype and manufactures of some of their products.

New Balance is using 3D manufacturing on custom-fit shoes made for athletes. 3D printing is at a time when companies are already printing eyewear that is consumer grade with a demand for style and custom-fit. It is possible to custom-made glasses with the use of rapid prototypes. Therefore, it is good to venture into mass producing clothing and apparels. In addition, styles change through time and if you are into this business, you will always have something new to produce depending on what the trend is.

The given 3D printing business ideas in Malaysia are the most lucrative and you can expect that this industry only gets better through time, which means you are not just following a trend.