Business Ideas for Social Media Consultant in Malaysia

A Social Media Consultant in Malaysia Helps with the Advertising and Online Presence

Social media is an important tool used by a lot of businesses. Although, for someone businesses, it is definitely an integral sector of making their business work. If you really understand social media and want to be a consultant, there are characteristics you need to have. Especially if you want to become a social media consultant in Malaysia because a lot of businesses are going to need your services. Furthermore, a lot of companies are always actively working on their social media presence.

Have Objectives

You should start with the top 3 objectives of marketing and evaluate how is social media going to help you achieve them. Most of the time, business owners think they have to show up or they will be left behind if they are not in all places. The good thing about the social media is it helps you reach the objectives you have or you are only wasting time. Social media does not have to be considered similar to a megaphone for the business, but it is helpful in reaching your goals.

Go on a “Live” Stream

People spend 3 times longer when they are watching Facebook Live compared to the ones that are not. Facebook Live is free and user-friendly, which also gives excitement to your business. It can create a hype about new and upcoming products, film content and tutorials, and have a live stream of your store or community events. This is for people who are unable to attend, especially if you have an Ecommerce business.

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Check the Complaints and Pay Attention

Social media is where people complain openly about everything which includes products and services. Even if reading complaints is not fun, if multiple people have a common complaint, it will be easy to identify gaps. Yes, people are not always sure of what they really want, but they know what they are frustrated about. You are a good entrepreneur if you are able to identify a common frustration. Social media gives the chance of observing this unlike before.

Build Authority

There is no such thing as over investing on LinkedIn presence, especially today. This is applicable to anyone who looks for more career or success, especially the ones who work in marketing or sales. Concentrating on the growing opportunities on LinkedIn cam really boost sales and rates of conversion. This is also going to lead toward great collaboration opportunities.

LinkedIn is great for attracting great opportunities that can be as the authority you should go for in your industry. Having more allows you to cash in on growth opportunities of any kind.

Launch Offers and Discounts for a Limited Time

A business should keep a good following on Instagram because it allows them to fully showcase any limited offers they currently have. Sales that have a short time of opportunity has the tendency to evoke people’s fear of missing out because they always want to get good deals. You can post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and link with a social media influencer to make the event public.

Search for Trends

While you scroll through social media feeds, take note of what you see and look for trends. For instance, if you are browsing the internet for any wedding ideas, notice what most of them are focused on. If they are concentrated on weight loss and planning, you can offer something on the emotional health and wellness side. You can fill this gap by opening a company that offers wellness in the wedding industry. You should take a closer look at news feeds and check if they see anything that motivates and inspires you.

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Be a Conversation Starter

The main thing about Facebook is they use an algorithm that rewards posts which receive an interaction. For instance, if a business posts something fresh and does not get a response, then Facebook is not going to show it anymore. They want to keep people on their site and that can only be done if they show posts that are interesting to people. This will become more complicated because Facebook announced about the algorithm changes that will happen. They are now going to start favoring content posted by friends more than other pages and companies.

Create Content that Gets People’s Attention

Give fans another take on impressive photography. For instance, a café that serves culinary delights uses Instagram to make their personality known to people. It could be from remixing popular films as a way to promote great dishes to employee spotlights, and this creates a solid online presence. The presence should reflect warmth customers go through in the café. Take shots of dishes that will make audiences drool over your food, post videos of employees while they work in the kitchen, share recipes, and others. Your expertise can also be useful to tell visual stories about the café, and give rewards to fans who take and share photographs by giving them discounts and merchandise.

Business Ideas for Social Media Consultant in Malaysia
Choose One Platform and Dominate it

Find out where the target customers are spending their time online and then choose a social platform you will dominate. You can also put up profiles on other networks but pour most of your time on only one. You should be gaining more friends online and build it over time. When you are sharing your own content, the ratio should 4:1 which means share 4 of someone else’s and 1 of your own each time.

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It is fun to be a social media consultant in Malaysia because you get to strategize on how the business will gain more consumers by using social media. Since people are always online, this is a great way to boost sales and make a startup business in Malaysia known in just a matter of time.