Business Idea for Sell your Voice/Video in Malaysia

How to Earn an Attractive Income When You Sell Your Voice / Video as a Legitimate Business Idea

I’m positively sure that you’re wondering how that is possible. Nowadays everything is possible thanks to advance digital marketing. You can earn some extra money in Malaysia when you sell your voice / video in Malaysia and spare the 9 to 5 routine jobs.

But you have to remember that by just having an incredible voice does not mean you’re going to rise to stardom overnight. It takes commitment, hard work, and perseverance. The same applies to video recording.

Let’s Look at What it Takes to Sell Your Voice / Video in Malaysia

Before you think of venturing into the business idea of selling your voice, you have to do some self-assessment. Ask yourself why you want to do it. You’ll only be successful if you outrightly know your goals and expectations concerning the business. Someone who’s thinking of doing voice-overs as part-time your earnings will not be like one in full-time.

Get a Voice / Video Coach

Before you think of spending a stack of cash on professional recording and video equipment, search for an expert in your area who can take you through the process.

Business Idea for Sell your Voice/Video in Malaysia

You can as well use their facilities of course at a cost before setting up your home studio. The reason behind this is that you will get an honest opinion about your voice which is priceless. After that, you can start practicing on your voice-overs and get your voice over demo produced.

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Invest In The Right Equipment

Just like any other service business, if you plan to sell your voice/video in Malaysia make the right investments on the equipment you use. You don’t need to have all the equipment, start small (can even rent) and reinvest your earnings by upgrading your equipment. Most clients will want a high-resolution video or a voicemail test that’s crystal clear. That means you MUST prepare highly professional recording background with professional equipment. Some of the equipment may include, recording software, microphone, laptop, firewire cable, professional soundproofing materials, video recorder among others.


As you plan to sell your voice/video, you may begin searching for potential clients to sell your service. In Malaysia, some voice-overs agencies accept voice-overs or attractive videos professionally done. If you’re versatile multilingual languages such as Malay or Chinese or even English your odds of earning good money are higher. Learn to understand what the clients are searching for and make every money count. Some of the areas you can exploit are in TV and radio commercials, video games industry, audiobooks, and cartoon characters.

Before you begin charging for your service, you need to know a few things:

  • Whether the voice-overs are local, regionally or internationally aired.
  • The size of the market to air or feature your video recordings. The market size is important as it influences the cost of the voice-overs.
  • When it comes to charging your projects, let it be per job-basis. Your earnings as a voice actor in Malaysia range from RM100 for a 45-second recording, RM200 for 40 to a 60-second commercial.
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Develop a Brand Name

For you to operate your sell your voice/video business idea, you much have a brand name. One which is recognizable with your clients. By doing so, you’re establishing yourself as a professional who values the service you’re offering. Learn not to undervalue your service even if you’re new in the business. Maintain a classy reputation and charge what your precious time and services are worthy.

In Malaysia, you must incorporate your business once you have all your documents ready. If you’re a startup, home-based or planning to go the company way, the Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) does all the registration and name searching for you. Therefore, you must identify which type of business structure you want to go for.

The moment you’re ready to execute your plan, go for it with all the talent you possess.