Business Idea for a Good and Creative Event Photographer in Malaysia

Tips for an Event Photographer in Malaysia

Both professional and novice photographers make a career or earn extra cash through photography. If you want to venture into the potentially lucrative world of photography, try being an event photographer in Malaysia.

Wedding photography entails more pressure, higher stakes, more intensity. There are other less demanding events that you can engage in including social, corporate, family, and religious among and others. These kinds of events can broaden your experience.

Business Idea for a Good and Creative Event Photographer in Malaysia
Shooting some events may not be the most glamorous gig in photography. However, when a client beckons for a photographer to shoot an event, you take the job. You might end up in significant events such as dinner at the White House or in a small, dark, dull event space with only a few people trying to have fun. Regardless of the location or size of the event, your job as an event photographer in Malaysia is to capture amazing images. Several small details, can make diving into unique event photography much more relaxed on yourself, below are a few ideas of how to prepare and execute the next photography gig.

Dress Like You Are One of Them

As a photographer, there are several times you can report to work in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt because clients aren’t watching you as do post production. However, when shooting a special event, you should dress as you belong there and blend in with the crowd. If it is a high end corporate event, men should wear a suit coat and tie while women should wear blazer if necessary. If you are not sure of the suitable attire, always err on the side of safety if you’re overdressed you can still take the coat off and stick the tie in your pocket.

Take Some Shots Before the Event

The event planner whose duty is to make sure everything goes on as planned will love that you captured shots of the space before the arrival of the guests. Not only will they be able to market their services in the future, but it will also let them catalog the setting if they host a similar event in the room again. It will be invaluable to the client and should be the way an event photographer in Malaysia starts an occasion.

Don’t exaggerate or undershoot either

If you are shooting a special event, you have to remember that even though great photos are essential, the attendees enjoying is the most important. While it is allowed to capture the attendees, both candidly and posed, note who you have photographed so that you aren’t taking shots of the same people. Along with posed shots, bump up your ISO and shoot candids with ambient light. Remember to focus on the stage past the cocktail hour. Candid audience or crowd shots are nice, but once people are eating, don’t point at the tables, and try to shoot the scene discreetly.

Act Fast

While capturing candids, be ready to go, take a step back, click off three frames and move on, any more than that, and you might be interfering with the time of the attendant. When shooting anything on a stage, shoot several with a long lens. While near, intimate shots from a wide lens are fabulous. If you do get the chance to shoot from up close, be fast, quiet and stay as low as you can.

Edit Hard and Deliver Quickly

No matter how hard an event photographer in Malaysia tries not to shoot an event, they may end up trashing a percentage of the shots taken. Usually, it is not because the shots are terrible, but because there is something better in the edit. If you shoot three frames of each group you photograph at an event and have lots of files, you can leave at least one or two of the frames for every group. Your client requires only the best due to limited use for event images.

Once you are left with the best images, bring your files into your editing software and polish the images. One advantage of corporate events is that for the most part everything should be consistent and can be batch processed out in no time. With these simple tips, you can be the most sought after event photographer in Malaysia.