Attractive and Interesting Business Ideas for Editorial in Malaysia

The Editorial in Malaysia is Blossoming and Writers are Taking Advantage

A lot of people are starting to ignore their fears and ditch the 9 to 5 job. They then set out to earn from their own skills and passions. Now is the perfect to do this because there is a higher demand for great freelancers than ever before. The independent contractors have risen to about a significant percentage over the recent years. It will continue to do so in the future. Although, even if you are part of the editorial in Malaysia, it does not mean you are tied to the computer. There are a lot of ideas for you.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is being widely used as a marketing tool by businesses worldwide but there are always new platforms that pop up and the old ones constantly update and/or change their features. If you become a freelance expert on social media, you can give advice to companies how they can use Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram to achieve business goals.


This is a traditional route you can do and write your own novel or other formats of books and then approach a punishing company so your books can be offered in a physical form unlike eBooks. Even if some people do not think novelists and authors are business owners, they are actually contracted by publishers and part of the sales usually goes to them.

Ghost Writing

There are people who have to write for their work but they do not possess the skills to do it or simply have no time. That is where your ghost-writing services are needed. You have the choice to write articles, books, blog posts, etc. Then your work will be published under the name of the person who hired you. This is not uncommon and entrepreneurs always do this. Excellent freelance writers can up to $55 per hour to write these assignments.


Do not underestimate a proofreading job because even if you did not write the piece, you still need writing skills to be successful. You can proofread the work of other people and charge them for your services to make the necessary corrections. This type of business is also lucrative if your skills and sharp and companies continue to send you tasks to work on. This can be done from your home and your tasks can just be sent over the internet.


The economy has become more global today, which means that translators are in demand. If you know Spanish, Arabic, French, Chinese or another major language, you can get work by translating documents and other reading materials. There is also a lot of work available for those who know obscure languages and you can demand a higher price for your skill.

Legal Writing

Lawyers, judges, legislators, and other professionals use legal writing to perform legal rights, legal analysis and obligations. This kind of text needs citations and references provided by a legal authority, and should often follow a specific format and technical terms.

Attractive and Interesting Business Ideas for Editorial in Malaysia

The type of legal documents most commonly used are company bylaws, employment contracts, meeting minutes, non-disclosure agreements, operating agreements, contract forms, terms of use, claims and complaints, and leases.

Travel Consulting

If you are well-traveled, you can use this to make the travel experience of others a lot better and more memorable. You can help people with planning their vacation and book trips more affordably. This can be done independently or you can join travel sites as a flight booking expert. This type of task will not bore you because you will have fun researching.

Write Cover Letters and Resumes

A lot of aspiring professionals struggle to write effective and grammatically correct resumes and cover letters. These kinds of writing services mean analyzing where clients receive guidance in determining objectives. They are also pointed out the important skills needed. The next thing to do is to select the right format and vocabulary. These should be the aspects that appeals to potential employers. The applicant should not sound arrogant. The ideal resume and cover letter should highlight the skills of the individual, sound positive, and be relevant to what position the applicant is aiming for.

Online Researcher

If you always had good grades on school research reports, then that is the only qualification needed to work as an online researcher. For instance, organizations need their infographics and whitepaper statistics. You can be the person they contact to find the information required so their work is completed. Writing is not necessary because you only have to give data.

Press Release Writing

The purpose of press releases is to let the public know everything an organization offers. The content structure of a press release uses a pyramid metaphor as basis. This is what is usually used in media.

Business Management

A lot of investors want an online business but not all of them are interested in running it. What they do is buy businesses from auction sites. They then look for someone who knows about online business knowledge to run it for them. If you are experienced in managing online businesses, this service is what you can provide. There are several reasons why they do not want to run it but this is a great opportunity for you. A lot of business owners use this service and you will be surprised by how common it is.

It is almost impossible that you will not find any solid business related to it. Some people even juggle the kinds of tasks they are doing. As long as they are able to meet the deadline and still deliver good work.