Profitable Ideas For Editing And Proofreading Services In Malaysia

Home-Based Freelance Editing And Proofreading Services In Malaysia

If you are looking for editing and proof-reading business in Malaysia, right from your home, then this is not a big problem. All you need to have a laptop and a good internet connection.  If you are a person who is keen about writing and can easily find mistakes in the writing styles, then you are a perfect fit for this job.

A report by Glassdoor suggests that a freelance proofreader earns about $51,104 per annum. The earning can vary from $14 to $50 per hour. There are many companies who are outsourcing their work, to get proofread service by the professionals. With the growing trend of writing and freelance learning, there is a potential market for editors and proofreaders.  The editors need to have in-depth knowledge of the editing techniques: punctuation, grammar, comma, language, spelling, and style.


Editing And Proofreading Niche

There are many editors like you in the market; you need to have a certain skill set to be on top of the list. There are many ways to market yourself as a proficient editor but before that take these mandatory steps


Proper Mindset

You have planned to be your own boss, as this is your own business. You have to manage and deal everything on your own. Before starting the business, develop a proper mindset to set your targets and how to achieve the targets. Contact people who are working in the same field to get their assistance.



You might have to buy certain tools and soft wares to start your business with. Evaluate your financial situation, if you can support yourself for some time. Always be realistic about your business and its calculations.



There are many freelancers in the same market and the competition is rising day by day. Even if you are expert at editing and proofreading, do polish your skills. Once you will set your good image in front of the clients, it will be easier for you to sustain in the market.


Target Audience

Make strategies to reach out to your target audience. Make a plan and discuss it with yourself, that which audience do you want to reach. Which niche do you want to read about? Your particular interest in certain niche matters a lot in this regard. If you are not a technical person, then technical niche will never entertain you.


Set Of Tools

Make a purchase of a required set of tools e.g. grammar, copy scape and other tools to check the grammar errors and plagiarism. You have to set the tools to keep your business running smooth.


Give a Name

Give your business a name like xyzediting services and operate the business with the name of it. The name should be professional and business oriented, which should explain the writing services.


Make a Website

As you are doing it as a freelancer, make a website which should explain the services you are going to provide. The website should be SEO optimized and linked with Google AdSense, so the clients can easily search about it. The website should also have testimonials from your satisfied clients, which can help in representing your business as a proficient one.


Facebook Page

Make a Facebook page with the same name. Describe the services and timeframes, in which you can deliver the work. Sometimes, Facebook pages help more in reaching to potential clients than the official websites.



Market your work around all the mediums like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram. The active marketing campaign will help you get connected to potential clients.


Good Work

When you will have a good set of clients, provide them with good work. Do not ever lose the quality of your work. In the beginning, everyone tries to deliver quality work to make clients permanent. But when the clients start to trust them blindly, they take the work very light. Do not ever do that, always stay loyal to your clients and give hundred percent quality. They will also help in referring your business to more clients. This will help in improving your network, and business will expand with time.


Hire Helpers

With the passage of time, you will get more work from everywhere; you cannot do the whole work by yourself. With the load of work, hire editors who are proficient with their work. Decide their salary with them. With the help of editors, you can get more work and deliver quality. As the workload on one or two persons can decrease the quality of the work.

Profitable Ideas For Editing And Proofreading Services In Malaysia



Always deal with customers with respect and honor. Customers are the king of your business, treat them the same way. In writing, there is a lot of chance for revisions. Do not get frustrated about that; always be ready to revise it according to the demands of the clients. This way, you will understand your client better in terms of work demand.



Being a freelance editor and proofreader in Malaysia is a very promising job to do. You are your own boss and you do not need anyone to boss around you. All you have to do is to market your services in Malaysia and make potential clients. The best advantage of this business is; it is an online business and you can deal with the business, being at any part of the world.