Business Idea for Blog Consultant in Malaysia

What’s the idea behind a blog consultant in Malaysia that can guide you to head to that direction.

The world of social media marketing is consistently changing. Today there are hundreds of thousands of bloggers roaming on the internet platform. Several bloggers are seeking advice on how to boost their blog sites to stand out from the masses. If you’re in Malaysia and have such an idea, you’d think of being a blog consultant. Blog consultant would be noble especially if experienced in creating compelling contents, technical abilities to launch blog sites and supervising their efficiency.

Let’s look at what’s its all about blog consultant in Malaysia and how you can launch one if you so desire:

  1. The role of a blog consultant
    • I presume by now you know about blogging and if you haven’t, here’s the thing. Blogging started as an avenue for people to voice opinions, share information and develop a following for their opinions. But what do you think a blog consultant does to warrant that huge demand?
    • There are several roles consultants do ranging from branding and authority, blog setup and optimization, monetizing your business blog to traffic tactics among others. The challenges that businesses have is making their blogs sit pretty from the crowd and meeting audience satisfaction.
    • Each blog site has it’s own style and content, so a blog consultant will provide that technical assistance, suggest the suitable software to use and the blog site design. The consultant can recommend the methods for examining the efficiency of the blogs regarding the number of hits, audience responses, and improved sales.
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Business Idea for Blog Consultant in Malaysia

Why should you then venture into blogging consultant in Malaysia?

Opening a consultancy service business in Malaysia is an uncomplicated process. If you’re a startup in blog consultant, you’ll probably opt for a sole proprietorship.

  • Creation of additional income
    • How would you feel if you generate some additional income in your pockets? I bet it would be great! Now, if you decide to incorporate some more roles to your blogging career, be a blog consultant. Use your expertise to generate some multiple handsome revenue streams.
  • No coaching certificate required
    • In most cases, people cultivate the notion that consultancy always requires a proven certificate. You don’t need to have one. As long as you have the experience and expertise, you’re good to go. Start with what you know and build from that point strength-to-strength.
  • No capital needed.
    • If you plan to be a blog consultant in Malaysia, you can launch it with no capital. All you need is your brains — the experience that you’ve garnered over the period blogging. You can even begin with your smartphone or create webinars to teach some of your skills and charge a fee. In certain cases, you can hold workshops and coach clients in person.

Business Idea for Blog Consultant in Malaysia

How then can you start a blogging consultancy service in Malaysia?

  1. Create a concrete business plan
    • A business plan spells out your intentions about the business. And for you to be able to convince future financiers about your services, you must ensure that your business plan is outstanding. A concrete business plan will not only put you in the right books with the financiers but also your potential clients.
  2. Legitimize your blog consultant business
    • When legitimizing your blog consultant business, you probably need your business name run for the check at the Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM). A smaller fee of RM30/ year goes for name application charges. The process of incorporating your business starts at ends at the Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) after submitting your incorporation documents.
  3. Secure an office address and office premise
    • In Malaysia, every business must have a valid office address registered by the local authorities. In that case, your blog consultant business should possess a designated office address that can be reachable by potential clients. You may even decide to secure an office-space that client can always locate you whenever they need you.
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To learn more, you can read company incorporation FAQ.