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The KL Sky Clinic–Breaking-Free From the Conventional–Revolutionising HealthCare & Medicine with a Unique & Holistic Approach

Staying fit and healthy both mentally and physically is important to live a good quality of life. Your eating habits, lifestyle and stress factor all contribute significantly in determining the quality of your life. In today’s fast-paced world and increasing stress level at work, many individuals don’t pay much attention to their well-being and end up suffering from different types of healthcare problems both mental and physical. And in times like these, they then tend to seek quick fixes—focusing on just treating the problem.  Holistic approach in healthcare and medicine is needed to ensure overall wellbeing. This is the best way people can keep themselves fit and healthy and enjoy quality living. And this is exactly what the KL Sky Clinic focuses on.

Revolutionise Healthcare and Medicine
The KL Sky Clinic aims to revolutionise healthcare and medicine by implementing a holistic approach that combines wellness and modern scientific techniques together. This medical centre offers treatment options in a wholesome manner, not just treating the problem but also ensuring the every patient’s total wellness and health. They do this by providing excellent treatments, along with quality guidance and support.

The KL Sky Clinic HealthcareLaunched in 2014 with a mission to revolutionise the healthcare and medicine industry, the KL Sky Clinic is a well-reputed, trusted and the fastest growing medical centres in Malaysia. Nestled in Kuala Lumpur, the KL Sky Clinic was founded by a group of highly skilled and experienced doctors & healthcare professionals. The KL Sky Clinic is the subsidiary of RCS Health Services SDN BHD.

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Wide Range of Medical Treatments Under One Roof
The KL Sky Clinic follows a holistic treatment approach by offering a wide range of medical treatments under one roof. They specialise in:

  • Age Management and Wellness Therapy
  • PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Treatment for the skin and joints
  • Aesthetics
  • MDT (Multivitamin Drip Therapy)
  • Mobile Health Screening
  • Concierge Medicine and House Calls
  • Dietary Counselling
  • Weight Management
  • Travel Medicine

The KL Sky Clinic focuses on breaking free from the conventional approach that only treats the concern at hand. This company strives to offer more fulfilling and lasting outcomes than just delivering quick fixes.

Meet the Team
To deliver the best in services, you need to have the best people onboard who are likeminded and share the same values. And this is exactly why the KL Sky Clinic has achieved skyrocketing success. They have an enviable team of five exceptional doctors who are equally passionate about reviving the healthcare approach for the better. All these doctors are experienced and work at the director level.

Dr Roland Victor has Master’s degree in public health management and strongly believes that prevention is better than cure. He is a fitness enthusiast and is involved in offering health-related educational speeches, and conducts screening, weight loss and even fitness management programs.

Dr Cecilliann Veronica is MD from the Kursk State Medical University. She believes in achieving harmonious physical and psychological balance.  She specialises in family medicine and has special internet in aesthetics and dermatology. She is committed to helping women age gracefully by providing them with the best aesthetic treatments and advice.

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Dr Shashi Kumar is dedicated to offering the best in family medicine & wellness to patients. He is a GP and wellness doctor who is focused to helping people enjoy quality living.

Dr Prakesh Karpaya has a multi disciplinary exposure in the field of medicine. He has served as a medical officer in the Anaesthesia and Intensive Care department, Obstetrics & Gynaecology. Dr. Prakesh has also worked in the Accident and Emergency Unit and the Orthopaedics department.

Adeline Tharsis is another dedicated member of the team of the KL Sky Clinic. She has profound drug knowledge, which has helped her become the KL Sky Clinic’s pharmaceutical wing. She offers amazing skin care and health food supplements to patients ensuring their overall well-being.

Shifting From the Conventional Medical Approach
The KL Sky Clinic HealthcareThough it has been only 3 years since the KL Sky Clinic was launched, however, in these three years the company has experienced and enjoyed massive success helping it stand in the league of the best healthcare service providers in Malaysia.

However, to enjoy this success the team at the KL Sky Clinic had to work hard and passionately in every aspect of the business. To prove themselves they had to make sure that to work on the following areas:

  1. Increase business awareness and brand visibility
  2. Educate people about the importance of overall well-being
  3. Deliver the best in service

Shifting from the conventional medical approach to the approach that focused on well-being required changing mindsets, which was not easy. However, the team of KL Sky Clinic made it possible by providing individuals with quality education and information about overall wellness—a state of that defines complete mental, social and physical well-being and not just merely being free from physical illness.

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Brand Visibility and Awareness
Another challenge that the medical centre had to overcome was brand visibility and awareness. Since they are located on the 36th floor of their building, it wasn’t easy to spread the word as not many people could see their boards and signage that help in marketing businesses. Therefore, they used the power of social media and the web to market their brand and increase business awareness. The company used the most popular social media channel, Facebook, to advertise their business, health supplement products and medical services attracting target audience to their clinic.

And to deliver the best in service, the KL Sky Clinic continues to improve their offerings and maintain compliance with the highest industry standards. The company is focused to helping individuals keep a healthy balance of mind and body and enjoy quality living.

The KL Sky Clinic
Address: B1-36-2, THE SOHO SUITES KLCC,
Contact: +603-238-90091