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ToothGood – A Smile Shop That Caters To The Diversity and Uniqueness Every Smile Has

It all started in November 2014, when Year 4 students were required to participate in the Entrepreneurship Project in the Faculty of Dentistry, University Malaya. Dr Koh Wen Thong started the business idea of supplying dental students with instruments and materials that they needed. This idea sprouted as she, a dental student the time, found it inconvenient to obtain dental quotations, additionally with a system that was not transparent.

How It Started
“It all begins when I started volunteering in Siem Reap, Cambodia as a volunteering teacher. As a dental assistant in Laos preparing for Smile Action Team, and helping up in the dental outreach camps in India and parts of Malaysia, I realise that many parts of the world are still lacking of basic healthcare. In ToothGood, we funded some dental volunteering projects in Malaysia, Indonesia and Sabah. We believe that the education is the key to spread the oral health message around the world and thus create more smiles. ” – Dr Koh Wen Thong

ToothGood Dental Hygiene ProductsThe birth of the ToothGood Shop came about after hearing many first-hand accounts from patients/customers on the difficulties experienced in purchasing oral hygiene products recommended by their dental professional.

Not everyone lives close to their dentist and sourcing oral hygiene products can be a difficult task with many customers giving up after entering the 7th pharmacy. Some of the dental products – from toothbrushes and floss to mouth rinses and interdental brushes – might be confusing to consumers, who may have inquiries about them. With the vast selection of consumer products out there, how does one decide what’s best?

Our mission is to help every Malaysian have easy access to oral hygiene products enabling optimum oral health and to source the best products available worldwide for our Malaysian customers. As dentists, our vision is to see preventive dentistry made available to all citizens in Malaysia and beyond.

One Brand Does Not Fit All
Founded with a mission to provide Malaysians an array of choices regarding oral care products, ToothGood is a brand to cater to the diversity and uniqueness every smile has.

ToothGood Dental SupplyThousands of customers are looking at thousands of oral care products in a pharmacy and are actually stumped by all the toothpaste choices. What exactly do terms like “whitening,” “anti-cavity,” and “anti-gingivitis” mean? Do they even mean anything at all?

With so many brands on the shelves of stores around the country it can be hard to figure out exactly what you’re buying, especially if you don’t know what’s what. And simply purchasing the most expensive oral care products might not solve the problem.

Products keep evolving, with new products coming in the near future. As a savvy consumer, the hope is that you keep abreast of the dental tools out there. At the same time be cautious of some of the newer products that aren’t authorized and are not safety-approved. Also entering the consumer market are fake products that will harm your oral cavity. Hence, it is important to be aware of what’s going on. ToothGood implores you to keep yourself informed for your health’s sake.

A Challenging Journey
It has been challenging, of course, to juggle her exhausting student life treating patients in University Malaya and a labour-intensive business. But, she admits, “When customers share positive feedback, it is really motivating to know that our oral care products are helping to resolve their oral problems. This, and my heartfelt passion for the craft, keeps me going!” she enthuses.

She found a business partner who also believes in her philosophy, Dr Wong Chee Soon, a fellow dentist. He often gives suggestions on how to improve her business and travels with Dr Koh to many dental conferences and exhibitions to source the right toothpaste or special brushes. Intensive research is conducted before choosing the brands to work with. Excellent customer service is also the reason customers love to repeat orders with them.

ToothGood is still working on an online oral care store. Once they start to grow and generate sufficient money through sales, they want to launch a physical store while keeping their e-store running. They plan on launching their first physical store around Klang Valley region in 2017.

ToothGood Dental Supply
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