Business Ideas for Gadget Repair Business in Malaysia

Owning a Gadget Repair Business in Malaysia Has Been Proven to be Successful

I don’t blame you for wanting to start a gadget repair business. You only need a small investment for operations without having to do much experience. There are a lot of good resources available to help you starting a company in Malaysia. Owning a gadget repair business in Malaysia is going to be fruitful because of how many people there who want to have the latest gadgets. You an actually sell and repair gadgets at the same time.

How to Make Your Business Successful

You need to make sure that your business is in a good location because majority of gadgets repair businesses are near a food court inside the mall or gaming supply stores. You should place your store somewhere that has a lot of foot traffic, so it has to be accessible and easy for customers to go to. Most of the gadgets repair business choose to rent out kiosk spaces because this provides good traffic but it costs lower compared to those offered in traditional retail spaces. Most of the commercial leases, especially if it is for a retail space, costs 3 times. This means you are only paying the lease price for every square foot, but you nee to pay maintenance and property taxes too.

What you need to do next is to establish vendor accounts for your business inventory. You would have to decide if you are also going to sell gadgets. This is going to need thorough research as you carry out inquiries from customers about your business.
If you choose to offer repair and selling gadgets, you need to do more research. A way for you to gain more knowledge about gadgets is to attend trade shows or reading publications about the industry.

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Retail Shop

Since you have a repair business, a retail shop is also great. Actually, repair businesses only bear the parts and labor cost which means the owner gets 100% of the profit. In comparison to retail shop, they leave a percentage of the margin and the rest goes to the cost of buying items. If you are going to open a repair shop, you need a couple of things to open your shop. There are hundreds of issues related to technical gadgets. You are going to need phone screens, batteries, screws, charging ports, and others. There is going to be a bundle of things you will need.

Electronics Repair

With minimal skills and tools, you can have an up and running business. You can buy the tools for your business without having to spend a lot for them. If your customer asks you to drive to their location, you can charge additional for this. A lot of customers are not comfortable with disconnecting cables and will be happy to pay for your time to visit their location.

Business Ideas for Gadget Repair Business in Malaysia
This business is ideal to run from an office or subleasing in a store. Since people have time constraints, you can offer a pick up/delivery gadgets repair service. When it comes to other businesses, you can operate this outside your home. This could create an issue because people are not going to feel safe turning over their gadget to someone who is working outside their home. You are also going to need a website to look credible, and advertise online.

Get a Skilled Technician

Finding technicians who are skilled and experienced is very difficult for a lot of people and junior technicians usually job hopping which can lead to a huge burden. Since you have a gadgets repair business, you need to find a technician who will stay with you. Therefore, it is important to always have more than 1 technician to avoid having a crisis. There needs to be a good ratio of senior and junior skilled technicians. It is important that the junior technicians are groomed fast so they can also handle tough and complicated jobs. A reliable technician will also help you increase productivity of the entire service center and they will finish jobs quicker and more accurately.

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You Need to be Part of the Publication

People are going to google your business and see if anything is new about you on the internet. If you have published stuff, even if the publication is not so popular, they will not feel doubtful about getting your service. For instance, a website where you can publish articles about your business is a good way to start and people who read about what you have to offer will get encouraged.

Spare Parts

Spare parts that are readily available is very important in a gadgets repair business. You can provide quick service if there are spare parts available. If you do have the spare parts, you cannot fix the gadget. There are times when repairs are delayed because it took time to get the right spare parts of the gadget. Therefore, if you want your business to grow, make sure you familiarize yourself about where to find spare parts and these dealers and vendors have to be reliable. You should also stock replacement parts in top quality. If you have too many stocks, you are going to have a loss in the long run because prices of spare parts drop on a regular basis.

Even if there are a lot of spare parts dealers, you need to make sure that the person is not overcharging and they are actually giving you a fair price.

Running a gadgets repair business in Malaysia will bring in lots of customers because people in this country use technology a lot and if something goes wrong, they look for a repair shop right away. At the same time, you can sell gadgets too if they decide to just replace what they have.

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