Business Idea For Launch Of Your Product: Pop Up Shop In Malaysia

Pop up shop in Malaysia and how to start your product with a pop up shop

A pop up shop in Malaysia will be a fun idea to introduce your brand. A pop up shop is a short term temporary shop which changes places every now and then. The physical space is occupied for short time to maintain a long lasting impression of the product. Pop ups are taking over a new trend in the market. A pop up shop takes minimum 3 days to maximum 3 months.

Business Idea For Launch Of Your Product: Pop Up Shop In Malaysia
There are a lot of benefits for a pop up shop. If you want to build strong relationship with your customers, then you have to know them better. In order to know them on personal level, you have to make a one to one contact with the customers. Pop-up shops are authentic means to spread awareness about your product to the masses. According to a report, a pop up shop costs 80% less than a traditional retail shop.
Anyone can start a pop up shop; there are no boundaries for that. Even the biggest brands of the time believe in pop up shops to introduce their new products. The best way to introduce new brand is a pop shop. You can get feedback on your product and enhance your products accordingly. This way, you can be prepared to improve your products before starting a regular retail shop.

Decide the item

Decide which product or brand you are going to sell. This is the vast niche and you can start with a new brand which interests you the most. It can be of clothes, food, smart devices, and other consulting services in which you can see your future expansion. A pop up shop can be very helpful if you are a new business entrant in the market.


This is most important and critical step for your pop up shop because; this will help in breaking down the cost for location, rent and other finances. When you apply theory into practical form, many costs incur which you never were aware of e.g. rent, internet, insurance, utilities, lighting, counter, interior, exterior, food and drink, marketing and promotions.

The cost also depends on the duration for your pop up shop. If you have estimated your cost, you are now ready to search for your location.

License application

For pop shops, you need to apply for general business permit. In case of selling food you need to get a special permit for food. There is no rocket science for getting license for pop up shop.


Like any other retail shop, the location for pop up shop also plays vital role. The pop up shop is actually your encounter with customers and their idea of your product. Therefore, chose a location wisely, it can be a in a mall or busy streets or outside the malls. Pop up shop is always introduced to the places which are the busiest most like, streets, malls, and city centers. The intention is to introduce a new product, spread awareness, increase collaborations and details about the brand.


Along with location, your time needs to be ideal for opening a pop up shop. Do research about the market. The time of the pop up stall should also be depending on the seasons or the occasions. You might want to introduce your brand during the national holidays, when people are free and all are outside their homes. Your time should also be dependent on the type of the product e.g. soups should be served in winter whereas junk can be offered in any season. This way the product itself can help a lot in declaring the time frame for its inauguration.


Try to be as creative as you can in this part. Your creativity should speak about your brand and why people should buy your product. Your temporary shop has to determine your fate for the future. Try to grab as much clients as you can. Create a hard to forget experience for the customers involving their all five senses such as sight, touch, hearing, taste and smell. Work hard on your product selling techniques; like make people try the samples, or play games with them, give them small gift hampers. Creative marketing will give customers good experience and they will tell details about it to their friends. Take most out of the occasion, and try to advertise your brands success on Facebook pages. This will be very helpful in drawing customers to your shop.


Along with good marketing strategies, you need to do insurance of your brand. You need to think beforehand, if you are going to hire temporary employees as well. You can hire temporary employees and train them very well. If you are dedicated enough, you or your business partners or friends can start it on your own. Every plan should be pre prearranged fully, to be very confident about the pop up drama you are going to do.

Pop up is a powerful connection tool which develops strong connection between you and your customers. Creative marketing techniques will drag more customers and they will talk about the experience both online and offline. This is the best way to introduce your new product or brand, which you are planning to sell for long run. Pop up shop is the ideal and easy shop to introduce you to your clients. You can get customer’s feedback on the spot and improve your future operations accordingly. Moreover, if you have a long run business plan, do not hesitate to go for pop up shop in Malaysia first. You will get to know about your potential strength and weaknesses in this way.