Various Business Ideas for Virtual Reality in Malaysia

Virtual reality and how it can be used for business in Malaysia, for generating income

Virtual reality businesses in Malaysia are always welcomed with open arms, because people are entertainment freaks and they love to experience new things. Virtual reality means near to or almost like something, but it does not mean strictly like something. In computer language, virtual means something which is not present physically but has its existence in software.

In technical terms virtual reality means a computer generated 3 dimensional environments, which is created by computers but the experience is nearly real. A person is able to experience or touch certain things in real but the things he can see are virtual.

There are a lot of technical tools which are used to create these artificial illusions. Some of these tools are screen, headset, special gloves, moving chairs and Omni directional treadmills. The illusion is difficult to create than it sounds. Careful attention is needed to synchronize the sound effects and mediated environment; otherwise minor errors can be easily felt.

For having virtual reality as your business in Malaysia sounds really hard nut to crack but it is not! The value of entertainment is on rise and people are ready to spend their money on such things to relax from their busy lifestyles.

Other applications of VR

Virtual reality has many other applications as well, such as

  • Sport
  • Arts
  • Entertainment
  • Medicine
  • Architecture

Virtual reality is the answer to all the questions which are expensive, dangerous or unreasonable. Virtual reality allows us to take virtual risks which in real life are not possible such as medical training or fighter jet training.

Various Business Ideas for Virtual Reality in Malaysia
The best use of virtual reality is to open a business which allows a person to immerse in a three dimensional environment which give real life experience. Entertainment industry is multi billion industry which generates revenue in millions, so this business has a great market to deal with.

Technology is spreading and becoming cheaper with the new innovations. If you have interest in new technologies and are keen to invest in VR business, then do not wait for it. New startups in this industry are earning good capital. According to a research by year 2025, VR business will reach $485 billion which means it is a great opportunity for new business investors entrepreneurs to avail this opportunity.

No matter how attractive this business sounds, but starters hesitate to enter this market due to a heavy investment at the start. If you have capital and you want to do something at the present, which can be highly profitable for the future, then do not hesitate to go for a VR business in Malaysia.

There are few VR businesses you can opt from and start your business with.

VR theatre experience

The virtual reality theaters are a big source of entertainment all around the world. You have to provide VR headsets to the customers along with a film that is of 360 degrees. This way the consumers will have a good time and it will help in making profits very fast.

Sell VR headsets

As the sale of VR headsets is on rise, then you can grab the opportunity and make it your business. Get the headsets in bulk and sell them online and give them on rents to businesses which need it for some time. Google produces card board like headsets which are cheaper than the market rate. Along with Google, other companies have also started making VR headsets which are cheaper in price. Keeping this in mind you can start your business with low price headsets.

VR Café

VR café is good to start with if you do not have idea of VR business, but really want to get into it. You can offer several VR activities such as playing games, reading 3d books, watching 3D movies and conducting 3D training programs and so on.

Promote tourism

Travelling is a passion which almost everyone loves to do. But with the shortage of time and money, people cannot travel different places they want to. You can make it happen for people by making them visit different places in 3D environment. They will nearly visit the places and will not have to spend much time on travelling.

VR as a fitness coach

Some VR games are designed in a way which keeps the users engaged and they have to use their whole body while playing it. Some people like entertainment while exercising and get easily bored with gym. The people who do not like to go to gym or for walk will surely get benefit from this. So, this makes it a lucrative business to come up with something which engages people according to their demand.

Blogging about VR

If you are a non-technical person and do not have substantial investment to build a physical VR business. There are still chances for you to earn from VR. You can make your own blog and tell people about its advantages, disadvantages, VR places, VR experiences, its scope and how to get most out of it. This will help you in generating income as well the desired audience. Once you have received your target, the companies might contact you to try their VR product, app, or game and give review about it. They also pay for it.
Virtual reality business is offering more than one can imagine. New entrants and entrepreneurs, who want to do something big for them, should search the market and invest in a VR business in Malaysia which suits their demand. The VR businesses are on rise and there is still lack of business in this niche, therefore grab the opportunity and start your business and get successful.