Business Idea For Online Grocery Store In Malaysia

Careful and attractive business plan for online grocery store in Malaysia

Online grocery store in Malaysia is the need of an hour. Numerous business ideas have emerged, with the arrival of ecommerce shopping. Everything is being transferred to online shopping from regular stores. But, the most attractive online business for customers is online grocery store.

People tend to hate grocery shopping, but they have to do it by hook or crook. They have to cook with grocery; they cannot escape the boredom which grocery shopping brings along. There are a lot of grocery stores which are working online and have gained success as well. The market still has a room for people who want to open an online grocery store in Malaysia.

In Malaysia, online grocery shopping is trending and people love to get their groceries delivered at doorstep. There is still a need to raise awareness for online grocery shopping as some people do not trust an online medium and always doubt it. This does not mean that they have trust issues; it explains their behavior pattern which is deeply rooted from the beginning. Their thinking pattern can be changed with raising awareness and giving them good products.

Business Idea For Online Grocery Store In Malaysia
Online grocery shopping took place in Malaysia few years back. Few of the companies which are working full time as an online grocery stores are, and etc. If you are dreaming to open an online grocery store, do not hesitate as there is a lot of space for new business startup.
With the advancement of technology, online grocery store is gaining popularity in Malaysia. All we have to do is to select a suitable time for us when we can order and receive grocery at our doorstep. This can help save time to drive, stand in line and looking here and there for fresh grocery.

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According to a report; the Malaysian online grocery business is going slow. There are many reasons attached to it. First of all, there are a lot of grocery stores which are readily available to people and they do not have to cross miles, to get their groceries. Second reason is that some people are very conscious for buying grocery; they want to touch and feel the freshness before buying it.

So, it highlights that the market is open for new entrants in this business, but they will have to work very hard to change the mindsets of people. The customers should be taken in trust and their trust should not be broken. The marketing strategies should be designed not to just do the business, but cater the needs of the clients as well.
If you have made up your mind and are ready to go for online grocery store in Malaysia, then go with careful marketing plan and strategies.


There are some challenges which you will to face, so keep them in mind before starting the business.


Storage is a big alarm for grocery, as the products have the tendency to spoil in certain period of time. Though, it can be stored in refrigeration system but still the grocery items are needed to check on and off. A good profit is only expected when there is a good inventory system, which can tackle fast turner over and slow spoilage, and keep records of everything efficiently.


The packaging should be done in a way which can help save the grocery for long time. Packaging also contributes in explaining the nature of the brand. Therefore, packing should be done with care so that product can be represented as a good item.

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Delivery cost

The company should have some excellent supply chain system because along with delivery at doorstep, the customers want to pay less for delivery. You need to work really hard on supply chain management. The delivery should be on time and customers should not be made waiting for long time. Otherwise, they can switch to other brands as well.

Return policy

Always admire the clients who do not like your product and want to return or exchange. They have the all the right to cancel the product which they do not like. This way, you will also have feedback about your products. Always try to deliver fresh grocery to avoid such issues.


You have to apply with your documentations with SSM.SSM will approve your name suggestions and company with registration fees of RM1000.

Tips for your online stores’ success

As we all know, online stores are increasing rapidly with the passing time. Everything is shifting from offline stores to online ones. Everyone is grabbing their share of the market, so do not waste time over thinking and come up with an online grocery store as soon as possible.

Efficient technology

You should acquire technology which should allow your users to do shopping easily. It should be an easy going app, or website having easy ordering method and various payment methods. It should be designed for mobile users as well, so that customers can easily have access to order whenever they want to.

Start on small scale

Do not try to jump bigger in the start, because you might have limited funds and resources. Cater the limited market and nearby areas. You can grow your business with the passage of time as soon as the business will start generating the desired revenue. In the game of a business, slow and steady always wins the race.

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This article suggests that online grocery store has a great market potential in Malaysia, but it comes with great challenges as well. The biggest opportunity is; market is not really saturated and you can make your name in this sector, if you work really hard. Your business will grow with the passage of time, if you take all the steps carefully. A good service and good product with careful marketing techniques is all you need for this business.