Business Idea for Public Speaking/Motivational Speaker in Malaysia

How to Make a Difference in People’s Lives Through Public Speaking / Motivational Speaker in Malaysia

Imagine generating some alternative incomes from just public speaking? Now, imagine getting a bunch of referrals through public speaking / motivational speaker in Malaysia than you can handle.

There’s the new entrepreneurial trend in 2018 that’s gaining publicity, and aspiring people in business in Malaysia are grabbing that opportunity without evening blinking an eye. We always imagine that entrepreneurship is all about physically launching a business, putting up an office or hiring a workforce.

Creating a Change in People’s Lives

Majority of people including myself experience challenges in life. According to entrepreneurial professionals, the main objective of people getting in public speaking / motivational speaker in Malaysia is solving afflicting problems in people’s lives.

The best part about this business idea is that the motivational speaker not only uplifts people’s depressing spirits but offer ideal personal experiences for the audience to relate and connect with. The moment you have that convincing power, and you can influence people’s thinking, it naturally helps to solve their problem by themselves.

Effecting the True Entrepreneurial Personality

As a motivational speaker, you aim at getting people taking unconventional approaches. Again, you aim at bringing out the entrepreneurial spirit, which is to empower people. What I mean by this is that you as a motivational speaker and the audience alike get empowered sufficiently enough in making bold decisions and taking risks to make a difference in the lives of other people.

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Scrutinize the Significance of Life

Offering public speaking / motivational speaker in Malaysia is now on the backdrop of analyzing the importance of life and why one should value living that life. In some quarters, the increased cases of depressions and suicidal inclinations result from people losing the meaning about the value of life. Psychologists suggest that components such as cheerfulness, jolly nature should be induced to avert these suicidal tendencies through motivational speaking.

A Business Plan for Public Speaking / Motivational Speaker

Before thinking of getting into public speaking, you must have given it serious thought. And if so, you must have done your research well and come up with some ideas of how to get rolling. If a business plan is a part of what you’ve come up with, then you’re on the right track. Your business plan should at least cover the mission statement, financial plan, executive profile, your strategy among others.

Remember, your business plan won’t be complete if you haven’t included matters about your industry. What I mean by this is that you must have a thorough industry analysis chapters of public speaking often needed by investors. The lenders will want to know whether you clearly understand the true market realities, the major players, and where the winds of the industry are blowing. Remember, you’re not in this industry alone, so, it’s imperative to know your competition. Before launching a public speaking / motivational speaker in Malaysia, it’s worth finding out how many competitors exist so that you can position yourself within the market’s framework.

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Seek Advice From Knowledgeable Entrepreneurs

The last thing that you’d not want to get is application regrets. Therefore, if you know that you’re serious about pursuing this whole idea of public speaking / motivational speaker in Malaysia, you’ve no choice but to consult from the best in the industry. Talk to the experienced, those who’ve made it. Again, if you think the next motivational speaker will offer you advice, think again. They wouldn’t want to help you be a better competitor.
So, how do you go about it?

Business Idea for Public Speaking/Motivational Speaker in Malaysia
Look for a business owner who’s further away from your area of operation; it could be the next locality or even country. I bet they’ll be willing to offer that needed advice. You may be required to even call as many as 15 owners to find at least one who’s willing to help. Learn not to give up, get your spirit up and search until you can’t search anymore.

Explore the Franchising Route

Many success stories come from exploiting the available options that life can offer. In public speaking / motivational speaker in Malaysia, one such alternative is franchising. The good news of going the franchising route is that you enjoy riding on prior work success and lesson learned over time. Get it to work for you in any possible way. If franchising can increase your odds of succeeding in your business idea, go for it. You never know what may come out of an idea unless you try it.

Incorporate Your Public Speaking Business

Consider incorporating your public speaking business the sooner you get the right business name. The best part of legitimizing your business is that you present yourself not as an individual but as an entity. Your company will thereby build your brand as a person. By the time you’re incorporating your business, you already have a business plan and a market niche.

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In Malaysia, incorporating a business is simple. You can either register through online or go to the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) for registration. You only have to get your documents right and know the type of structure to start with. Your success with squarely depend on your commitment and hard work.