8 Hot Business Ideas For Internet Of Things In Malaysia

Internet Of Things In Malaysia And Some Ideas To Startup Your Business With

There is a major market for Internet of things in Malaysia, but let’s first explore what is internet of things. It is a process which involves mechanical, digital, computing devices, people or animals which are provided with unique identifiers (UID). There is no human to human or human to computer required to transfer data from one network to another; it is done with the help of UID. In simple words, the sensors are used to gain information to respond according to it.

The future of internet of things is very bright in Malaysia, because a lot of businesses are adopting this technology. There are a lot of business ideas which you can start with, as there are hundreds of ideas which you can implement, but few of them are mentioned below.

Smart home

Smart home is the most searched item on Google search engine. Internet of things companies are providing ease to the users by giving facilities: like switching off the lights after leaving home, or turning on the cooling or heating systems even before reaching home. It also allows access to unlock your home for some guest or lock it according to the need.

Smart homes will soon take place of smartphones, as the technical companies are widely working for easy and convenient homes. Smart homes have intention to save time and money spent on energy.

Smart retail

The internet of things can improve the shopping experience in Malaysia. The apps can be made which are accessible to customers as well as the shopkeepers. Customers can stay connected with the shops and they can know which products they need to buy. This can also help in grocery shopping, where the retailers can allow the customers to place their order through the app, and they can provide home delivery service. In this way, both retailers and customers can be benefitted from the IOT.

Fitness devices

Come up with a device which can pass information to our smartphone from our fridge about our eating habits. The device should be designed in a way which can give us reminders, to drink water and eat healthy. It can calculate the nutrition which we are eating and what else is remaining, to tell the fridge to get to know what is in there to eat. This will grab customer’s attention as everyone wants someone to push them to eat healthy.

Idea of internet of things

If you do not have any investment for making internet of things device, then search about a problem in household, surroundings or workplace. Come out with a different idea for the solution of the problems. Your idea can be sold and you can earn the reward.

Internet of things toys

Kids are prone to get new toys every time they visit any mall or toy shop. So, this is the vast niche to cater to their needs. You can come up with toys which should have the ability to keep check on the kids. Parents can connect it with their mobile phones and keep check on their kids and their activities. Even if you are outside you can stay connected with your child. These toys will not only grab attention of kids but they will attract parents as well.

 8 Hot Business Ideas For Internet Of Things In Malaysia
Internet of things cars

A lot of research is done on self-driven cars. You can contribute to this and earn a lot if you get successful. Make a plan on how to develop software which can allow cars to drive on their own, while you can take the side seat to relax and enjoy. This idea or little contribution in this area can help you earn bigger rewards.

Internet of things farming

In farming, IoT devices can contribute a lot. The appliances can keep check on soil condition and water supply. They can let the farmer know about the growth of the fruits or vegetables and when to harvest them. It can plan and check the farming and help the farmers to reduce their time.

Internet of things appliances

IoT appliances include everything which can provide ease to customer’s lives such as smart homes, smart cars and smart entertainment. For example make a smart fridge which can keep recording the available products and make a shopping list to buy the new ones. This will save time of the customers: as they will receive message from their fridge about the needed items. Accordingly, they will be able to buy grocery before coming back home.

IoT technologies are designed to make life easier and comfortable. It has the motive to save customers time and efforts. Therefore, research the market of Malaysia and get feedback on what is needed in the market. Design your product according to the demand and float idea in the market. There are companies which help to transform your idea into reality, they can help you to build your own product. Cater to the needs of the customers and your business will rise and shine with time.