How To Open An Organic Food Store In Malaysia

Clever guidelines to start and run an organic food store in Malaysia

To open an Organic food store in Malaysia is a good business idea. If you have interest in organic food and want to do some business in Malaysia, then this could be the best combination for you. Organic food has high demand due to growing interest in health and its care.

Organic foods are foods which are produced in sustainable environment, which does not allow any inorganic means of farming. Certain types of fertilizers or irradiation are not used due to their harmful effects. In short, organic foods are purest forms of food which have no harmful effect on humans.

If you have access to wide variety of organic food which you can get at wholesale price, then you can sell it online or offline, whatever you wish to. Some of the mandatory steps to take before opening an organic food store in Malaysia.



Find a descent location for your store. This might be one of the most crucial steps in this process. The store should be located at a prime location where people can easily visit. The location of the store should be carefully selected after visiting unlimited places.

How To Open An Organic Food Store In Malaysia

Think wisely in this matter because location will play huge role, in smooth running of the course. Bad products can be changed but bad location cannot be easily changed, a big step like this needs careful analysis and market research.

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Secure location

Secure location for your store once it is selected. You might want to rent it out to save the cost. But if you have huge capital, you can buy the place as well. Once you have rented a good shop for your product. Hire an interior decorator to help with aesthetics of the store. The warmer the outlook of the store will be, there will be more chances of customers returning.

Select a name

Select a name for your organic food business. The name should be attractive and the tagline should explain the nature of the food which you are going to sell. The name of the brand along with good location will play its role in the success of the business.


Apply for license from a health department. The selling of food always requires a food permit. Without permit food cannot be sold. Malaysia health department keeps check on the food which is going to be sold to people. Therefore, get permit from healthcare first.

Bank account

Open a bank account with the name of your business. You have to submit your personal and business details to get this account. You should make sure to do business transactions only with that account, because this way you will keep track of the profits you are making.

Tax consequences

Talk to an accountant about the tax and how much tax will be paid. Make sure the type of your business; is it sole proprietorship or joint venture. The tax payer will give details then accordingly.

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Food variety

Make the list of the organic foods you want to sell in your store. Research about distributors and establish a network with them. Get to know about the prices, delivery modes and their rate for bulk. Keep in mind that the distributor should be very well aware of Malaysian agriculture rules and the farming of organic foods.

Set prices

Set the prices for your food items. The prices should not be too low, that you do not even meet a break-even point. The prices should not be set too high, that it turns off the customers and they look for other brands. The prices should be reasonable for customers as well as your business. Both parties should get benefit from it.

Advertise about your brand through different mediums. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are some of the mediums through which you can market your brand. Other advertising techniques can also be used like spreading banners and flyers to nearby areas about opening of the store. You can also give discount for first 100 customers or 50 customers, such marketing techniques prove to be helpful to drag the customers to your shop.

Open the store

Trial and testing always explains yours strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, open the store and start selling your organic food. With the passage of time you will get to know more about the demands of the customers and how you can fulfill the demands. You can cut off the items which are not really in demand and you can purchase the items which are in demand. Customer’s response can only be checked when you will have real time contact with them. This way, you will have better idea about which new items to bring in and which should be discarded.

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Make an online store

After you see profits generating from your organic food store, try to make an online store as well. The online store should be a website which can be easily accessed. The products should be given their brief descriptions and health benefits. The customers will feel ease to get them straight from an online store. This way, you can sell your product from every medium which can help in enhancing the business.

Organic food store in Malaysia is already in demand due to improvement in healthcare routine. People are prone to try things which are beneficial for their health. This is an opportunity to open an online store and sell organic foods. But, always be loyal to your customers. If you are claiming it to be organic food, then it should be strictly organic. Your business will rise and shine with the passage of time, if you keep on working hard to remove the errors and improve the key points.