Start Selling Rainwater Harvesting System in Malaysia

Why You Can Make Excellent Profit by Selling Rainwater Harvesting System in Malaysia

Water tariff rate in Malaysia is one of the lowest in the world. However, instead of helping, this has actually brought in problems. The people in the country wasting water more than ever before. If it goes like this, the government has anticipated that soon we will be facing a shortage of the resource. Well, this is not a good thing ecological wise, but it is an opportunity. It is just the perfect time for you to start dealing rainwater harvesting system in Malaysia.


What is Rainwater Harvesting System?

It is a system you install in your home, which lets you collect and utilize rainwater for household activities. You can use the water to wash clothes, vehicles, bathroom use, and even to drink, given that you have an appropriate purifying system.

Well, we can say that a rainwater harvesting system is a perfect solution for water problems in Malaysia. First, it addresses the waster wasting habit of the country people, and on the other hand, it is an excellent use of the natural resource. Additionally, it rains a fair amount in Malaysia- Peninsular receiving an average annual rainfall of 2500 mm and East Malaysia 5080 mm of yearly rainfall. Thus, with such a system, people in our country can save a lot of bills.


How Much Profit Can You Make with Rainfall Harvesting System in Malaysia?

Well, it depends on how many people you can reach. According to this news article, on average, rainwater harvesting system costs between RM1500 and RM10000. All we can say is that you can expect to make a lot if you can market your business properly.

Start Selling Rainwater Harvesting System in Malaysia

The Procedure of Starting a Rain Harvest Business in Malaysia

  • Prepare Your Products – You can import products or even manufacture them on your own. What you need to have is a ‘rain harvest tank,’ which you install on your client’s houses. Their prices depend on the brand and the capacity. Try to give people as many options as you can- get them interested with the vastness of your product roster.
  • Have a Marketing Plan – Prepare a story which people buy. Well, to be honest, you can share the above information we embedded on our blog and make it a little more engaging- you can expect a lot of heads turning to a rainwater harvesting system in Malaysia.
  • Internet Marketing – Engaging an internet marketing firm can be very profitable for your business. Alternatively, you can do it on your own. You will need a website, social media account, including Google My Business, and you can carry on from there. Learn about Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, or get someone to do it for you, and it will triple your chances of selling something and finding more customers.
  • Open a Company – You must register a company if you are to sell something in Malaysia. You do it with the Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM).


Types of Business Entities in Malaysia

  • Sole Proprietorship – It is a one-person company. The person can make the entire profit but at the same time, will be liable for all the losses or the debts.
  • Partnership – A partnership is similar to a sole proprietorship. The only difference is that partners run the company. There are more than one people who share the profit and are liable for losses.
  • Private Limited Company – It is the most popular type of company in Malaysia. Things such as branches, CEO, employees, secretarial, etc. apply. A private limited company stands as a separate legal entity, unlike the previous two types of businesses.

We have a separate article regarding how to register a company in Malaysia.


Get the Licenses

The permits depend on the nature of your business and what you do while running it. For example, if you want to import something from overseas, you need an import license from the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI). Well, we strongly advise you to talk to a lawyer regarding this subject.



You can make a terrific business selling rainwater harvesting system in Malaysia. The thing has a lot of potential in the country. However, you must have the right business plan.

Still confused? You can contact us. We will help you with every information we can provide.