Build a Business of Plumbing in Malaysia

Things You Need to Know About the Business Aspect of Plumbing in Malaysia

Any business accompanying an essential skill has an everlasting high demand, and it is no different for plumbing. Being a plumber can make you good money in Malaysia- all you need is some idea to set you in the right foot. Today, we discuss almost everything you need to know about plumbing in Malaysia and what you can do to turn the profession to a high-yielding business venture.


How Much Do Plumbers Make in Average in Malaysia?

It heavily depends on how much work you do and in which city you are located. According to Salary Explorer, plumbers generally make between 2091 MYR to 6,232 MYR in the country. Of course, this is just a rough estimate, and there are many who make way more than 6,232 MYR. Well, most of the time it boils down to whether you work independently or run a plumbing company. Many prefer to start by themselves, and later on mentor other plumbers in their area and finally build an agency.


Guide to Starting a Plumbing Business in Malaysia

Start with a Niche

Plumbing business is a niche, of course, but many generalize it further. The work is extremely competitive, so professionals pick up a specific area and master it. For example, someone’s expertise could be water baths, while others emphasize on gas and water pipes. As a plumber, you will need to learn everything, but having some aspect where you are better than most of the others are going to work a lot in your favour.

Build Your Skills

Many starts as an apprentice. Doing that could be an excellent idea because you will be working on the proximity of an experienced person so you will have a better clue of what is going on. At the same time, your mentor will point out your mistakes so you can learn from them.

On the other hand, there are many prevocational training schemes in Malaysia. Most of them have a plumbing course, so enrolling in one of them could help you get started. The good thing about these programs is that they provide you certifications, which will help you get a license in the later phases.

Build a Business of Plumbing in Malaysia

Gain the Necessary Permits

You will need to get accredited by the Suruhanjaya Pekhidmatan Air Negara (SPAN) to work as a plumber in Malaysia. Well, many works without a permit, but we don’t recommend that, as it is not legally allowed. At the same time, getting a license will make your customers gain more confidence in you, so you get more business.

There are four types of plumbing permits in Malaysia. Which one you apply for depends on the nature of work. We have taken the information straight from SPAN to help you with the most accurate details.

  • IPA Type A License: Water plumbers need this. They need a permit for the construction, connection, modification or repairs to water pipes and water fittings which will convey water from public main
  • IPA Type B permit: This one is for the sewerage plumbers. You need this license for carrying out any works necessary to connect a private connection pipe to a sewer or sewage treatment works.
  • IPA Type C permit: Work contractors need to apply for a Type C permit. This will let you construct, install or modify to any part of a water supply or sewerage system.
  • IPA Type D permit: Type D permit is for O&M contractors. You can provide maintenance services for a water supply system or sewerage system. However, the work is limited to only that, and you can’t operate the system.
  • An IPA Type E permit: Desludging professionals will need this permit. You need an IPA type E to undertake and provide sewerage desludging services in Malaysia.


Set Up a Business

You can work independently as a freelancer, but you could also set up a company. Many prefer to run a sole proprietorship, but a private limited company can also be a good idea if you have other people working with you.


Plumbing Price in Malaysia

You will be charging according to the session. You will be installing and fixing water drain, toilet clogging, roof, etc. and how much you get depends on how complicated the work is. We could say most the time, the cost of a work is between 70 MYR to 200 MYR.



Plumbing in Malaysia is a great way to run a business. However, it takes a lot of hard work because, first you need to build the skills and later on a good network with your clients- all this when you work. So, undertake the work only if you love fixing things and you feel you can sustain it for a long time.