How to Start a Business for Interior Designing in Malaysia

Venturing Out to Interior Designing in Malaysia is not Really that Complicated

Interior designing and home improvement are some of the hottest topics going around. More and more people are wanting to make their homes beautiful and more functional in terms of storage. Many TV channels also host various shows coming up with new ideas to design and decorate interiors. If you are keen to make the most out of interior space in an aesthetically pleasing way, you could consider starting a business of Interior Designing in Malaysia.

Interior Designing in Malaysia is currently a very lucrative option for you, with many people outsourcing their interior designing to professionals. If you think you have the capability, brush up your skills and jump into this field of unlimited creative options.

Here’s how you can start a business in Interior Designing in Malaysia:

Get a Degree in Interior Designing

Before you start your business of Interior Designing in Malaysia or even create a portfolio, it helps immensely if you have a degree in Interior Designing. Many vocational institutes and colleges in Malaysia offer you this degree or diploma.

With a degree in hand, you are exposed to a whole new world of career options. The most important thing about a degree is that it will let you decide what you want to do as an interior designer – redecorate, restore, design or anything else. Your business also gets credibility when a degree is attached to your name.

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Make New Contacts

You must first develop many contacts in the industry. The more your contacts, the better chances you have of succeeding in your business. You will also come in contact with various suppliers, merchants, and contractors, many of whom will be able to help you in advancing your career. Look for merchants who are willing to offer discounts on bulk purchases. Such transactions make your services price-competitive and you can get more contracts as the word spreads. This is important especially in the initial stages of your business.

You can also attend trade fairs and connect with other similar and related business people. There also is a professional interior design body in Malaysia called the Malaysian Institute of Interior Designers. You can opt to be a member of the body and get regular updates on what’s happening in the interior designing world.

Learn All Aspects of Interior Designing

Interior designing means taking an existing interior space and converting it into a beautiful and functional environment that is aesthetically pleasing. A good interior designer relies not only on his imagination and creativity but also his knowledge and experience. Though interior design primarily means arranging furniture and making an interior beautiful, there are other aspects you need to know to run your own business.

  • Discussing with clients and knowing what their requirements are.
  • You can also give your own ideas and see how you can incorporate everything with their vision.
  • Draw and explain your ideas and themes to your client.
  • Make sure your safety standards and legal issues meet all specifications.
  • Sourcing material.
  • Hiring workers and managing their work making on-site visits.
  • Keeping the client in the loop about the progress of the work.
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How to Start a Business for Interior Designing in Malaysia

Decide Which Path You Will Pursue

The interior design consists of various fields in itself. You can start a business, work with a company on a contract or even work for an interior designing firm. You could also specialize in residential design or commercial design.

Residential designers work on residential interior spaces, while commercial designers go for corporate offices, private businesses, and government buildings. Some residential designers specialize in particular spaces like kitchens or bathrooms. Commercial designers can design spaces like banks, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, shops, supermarkets or even theatres.

Apart from interior designers, there are interior decorators, re-decorators and renovators. Each profile has a different function. You can opt for whichever field interested you most.

Interior Designing in Malaysia is a great field to work in if you are of a creative bent of mind. Hard work, effective branding, and extensive networking will ensure that you reach new heights very soon.