Business Idea for Virtual Customer Services in Malaysia

What It Takes to Start a Virtual Customer Services in Malaysia and Create a New Professional Career Path

Are you in a dilemma to launch your new entrepreneurial path? Ever thought of starting a virtual customer services in Malaysia?

The vast majority of Malaysians invade several call centers to either look for advice or inquire about something. They create an opportunity for a business idea. The idea of virtual customers services in Malaysia continue to be an outsourced service. Now, what’s all about virtual customer services in Malaysia?

Customer Support

More often, virtual customer services in Malaysia get entangled with providing high-valued customer support for end-user via phone/chat/email with the purpose of promoting lifetime value and customer satisfaction. The emphasis is on disseminating the right content to the potential client.

Offers Consultative Advice

What’s synonymous about virtual customer services in Malaysia is that a majority of clients call to seek advice. Such a revelation sits well when you have some counseling experiences that you can offer. People will reach out on your services to help solve technical and ethical issues over the huge market demand.

Virtual customer services in Malaysia even go further into providing hotel booking reservations, tourist resorts availability and many others. You only need to learn where your experiences fit well.

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Now, that you’ve known what’s involved in virtual customer services, how do you go about launching your own service business in Malaysia?

Formulate a Business Name

Each service business in Malaysia just like product business requires a business name. Get started by formulating an appealing business name that aligns to your virtual customer services. After that, you’ll get unlimited name search at Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) at a nominal fee. Afterwards, upon receipt of an approval letter to use your business name, you’re free to register business in Malaysia with a registration fee.

Set Up a Physical Office

When it comes to offering professional services setting up a physical office is way advantageous. The idea gives you an upper hand against your competitors. Malaysia entrepreneurial growth rate now offers commercial-space at affordable prices.

If you’re in virtual customer services in Malaysia, make your customers count on you by setting up an office premise.

Business Idea for Virtual Customer Services in Malaysia

However, it doesn’t mean that if you can’t get an office, your business idea can come to a halt. Malaysia offers opportunities for business owners who wish to have a Small Office Home Office (SOHO). You only need to get everything right when it comes to registrations to enjoy the flexibility, fun and financial rewards.

Get Yourself a Malaysian Virtual Phone Number

Do you want to leverage the profits of being cost-effective devoid of encountering the difficulty of a resident Malaysia phone number? Then get yourself equipped with a Malaysia virtual phone number. Having a virtual phone number is the route towards a seamless customer gratification. Luckily, the good news is that the virtual phone numbers are readily available to link the communication gap between your virtual customer services in Malaysia and your customers.

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You only need to look for companies that offer these local tolls free virtual phone number at a nominal price to get started. However, if you decide to go for a toll-free number, you better choose the 1800 numbers.

Additionally, the benefit derived from it range from high-value customer services, retention of the same numbers even if you change the premise to a single contact number countrywide. Some of the initial charges would be a one-off setup fee of RM150, a line deposit of RM500 and if you opt for monthly rental line fee, it goes for RM70 per month.

Therefore, the possession of this virtual phone number will promote your professionalism. The Malaysia telephone numbers become easily relayed. You can even reach to the overseas market by using the virtual phone number.

Get the Right Virtual Call Center Software

You’re walking to the right path of success. Your choice of software will depend on your initial budget. Learn to look at the most cost-effective software and one that offers efficiency.

You can either decide to the Cloud Call Center which is pocket-friendly, zero-charges or the Parrot Predictive Dialer. Additionally, another frontier would be the telemarketing software — where your agents can log in from any part of the world with just a computer and a headset.

All in all, options are at your disposal you only need to go for what works best for you and your virtual customer services in Malaysia will up and running.

Incorporate Your Business

SSM gives you the liberty to complete with the registration. In Malaysia, the type of business structures falls under sole-proprietorship, partnership, and Sendirian Berhad (Private Limited company).

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If you feel you can’t do the registration directly with the SSM, you can as well get the consultancy services of companies such a 3E Accounting services. If you decide your virtual customer services is under a partnership, your registration costs will be RM100, and after one hour you’re issued with a registration certificate. You must be a Malaysia permanent resident. As for Sdn Bhd business, the registration fees range from RM1000 to RM70,000 determined with the share capital, stamps (RM100) among others.


For you to start getting clients calling your service line, you have to find them. The only way you’ll get them is through networking. Join virtual call center network group and see what they offer. All in all, you never know you can get referrals from such groups and settle in well.