Business Idea for T-Shirt Printing Business in Malaysia

A Guide on How to Start Your T-Shirt Printing Business in Malaysia and How to Generate Alternative Income

With a limited number of jobs opportunity in the market, perhaps this is the perfect chance for you to think of a T-Shirt printing business in Malaysia. The best part of this business idea is that you don’t have to possess any expertise to run it. You can hire a designer at a fee, and hire printing machines if you can’t afford one. But it is advisable to have your own design that can be likened to your trademark. After that, begin searching for clients who may be interested in purchasing your T-shirts.

Now, what happens in a T-shirt printing business in Malaysia that entice to up-coming business owners?

One thing you need to ask yourself before venturing into this T-shirt printing business is whether you’re doing it for money or it’s your passion. As famed mogul entrepreneur Richard Branson once said, “Never go into business to purely make money. If that’s the motive, you’re better off doing nothing.”

Business Idea for T-Shirt Printing Business in Malaysia
One of the typical traditional methods of T-shirt printing is screen printing. Currently, the common T-shirt printing method makes use of a machine referred to as heat press. The reason is that it less expensive compared to the DTG printer. If you’re planning to start a T-Shirt printing business in Malaysia and you’ve less capital, heating printing is the way to go.

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But how does it work? You first must print the design applying the ordinary printer; then you need to have one unique ink referred to as “sublimation ink.”
Now, for you to use the sublimation ink, you must have a sublimation paper, not the normal printing papers.

How then can you become successful in this T-shirt printing business in Malaysia?

Develop a T-Shirt Business Plan

In any business, a business plan is an important document that applies to a T-shirt printing business. Learn to create a business plan that resonates well with your business model, a plan that stipulates your financial plan, marketing strategy, company profile, and your customer analysis. The moment you’ve incorporated all that, you can decide to register your business and start the business.

Discover the Market Niche

The T-Shirt printing business in Malaysia possesses a wide range of audience centered on their choice of quality, design, and style. They’re further segmented into two main markets:

  • Centered on the requirements of the customers.
  • Centered on the age of the customers.

But how then can you identify the market niche? Now, for you to do so, you must first ask yourself some of the following questions:

  • Will you print and sell T-Shirts to toddlers, youth or adults?
  • Will your clients have the freedom to design their own T-Shirts or have a set range of designs for them to choose from you?
  • Will you target a niche under varying age groups?
  • Will your style and quality of printed T-shirts meet the prevailing market trends?

Once you’ve done your research and got the answers to some of the questions above, you can begin printing.

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Create an Expert Website

Why should you think of having a website? For you to have long-term success and people to take you seriously in your T-Shirt printing business in Malaysia, it’s important to develop a professional website. You don’t have to spend tons of money creating an expert website, Shopify offers you themes that look professional to start up with. You can even go further customizing your site to your brand, control inventory, and manage your website devoid of expensive designers.

Invest in a High-quality Screen Printer

How would you feel when the moment your T-shirts hits the shop, they fail to get attention from customers? But do you know that quality matters than quantity, and for you to attract quality you must invest in the right screen printer? Here’s the thing. Screen printers come in all shapes and sizes, and it can be an uphill task getting the right one. I’d recommend for “Threadbird Screen Printer” if you’re thinking of printing large jumbo prints. The fascinating thing about this printer is that it prints to ten colors per design other screen printers can’t.

Market and Advertise your T-Shirt Printing Business

Do you know that word-of-mouth is one of the most effective ways of advertising and it’s free? So, if you plan to start a T-shirt printing business in Malaysia and you have a minimum budget, use word-out-mouth. In a nutshell, you can’t get your business known to the potential customer if you don’t get in touch with them. Get hold of T-shirts bloggers if you want to connect with customers online. By linking with them, they can create content related to your business and let followers know about them. After that, you stand a chance of getting more sale-lead to your business. Another option is creating your own Facebook page where you can advertise your product.

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Legitimize Your T-shirt Printing Business

No matter the nature of the business you plan to start in Malaysia, it must be registered. T-shirt printing business in Malaysia like any other business falls in products business. You can now easily do that at the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM). After identifying which type of business structure, you can register the name first then the business. For a Private Limited company (Sdn Bdn), you’ll be required to fill a couple of forms before the issuance of the certificate. The nominal charges for business name registration are RM1000 for a company and RM60 for a partnership. Registration can also be done online through the statutory platform SSM e-Lodgement or a consultancy company such as 3E Accounting company.