Business Idea for Becoming an Influencer in Malaysia

Business Idea for Becoming an Influencer in Malaysia

The ultimate route to be a trendsetter is becoming an influencer in Malaysia in your industry that’s highly needed by consumers.

Have you ever find yourself following a particular person just because you always learn something from him/her? Why do you think you and the others follow them? Here’s the thing. You can consider becoming an influencer in Malaysia where people can begin following your advice. Marketing is one industry you can venture into and give alternative options, strategies and practical examples you’ve experienced, or learned lessons.

Remember, with unlimited power comes numerous responsibility, so you’ve to be cautious how you weave through influencing others. According to market analysis in Malaysia, the majority of people have purchased a product after seeing it used by an influencer on the social media. This explains why the interest in influencer marketing skyrocketed in the recent past.

Now, what is it that the influencers do to garner such huge following?

It’s no doubt that everyone seems to adore being promoted by a social media influencer in this era! But becoming an influencer doesn’t come easy. It takes time and total focus.

You can begin by creating a marketing agency, creating content by writing books as a way of gaining an audience following. Influencers have the experience and the technical know-how of getting people to follow them. Learn to get the details right; you’re bound to conduct a lot of research about a particular product and make it part and parcel of you. After that, you can put out the facts out there for people to view.

With that in mind, what’re the secrets that you need to become an influencer in Malaysia?

1. Create your existence almost everywhere

What it takes to be an influencer like I’ve said is not easy. And so, you must make your existence known everywhere as an entrepreneur. Turn up for video interviews, podcasts, present slides, appear on meetings or whatever option you may have at your disposal. With your niche at hand “marketing,” make it known if it’s about a new trend in the market or its up-coming. The facts are, there’s whole psychology underneath doing this. When for instance, you see any brand appearing everywhere (Television, magazines, hoardings) we automatically perceive it as a brand. It does also apply to you. The moment you’re everywhere, people consider you as a brand.

2. Outline your area of professionalism

If you go into this business idea to becoming an influencer in Malaysia and you’ve no idea which area of expertise you’re good at, then the idea is as good as dead. If for example, you’re thinking of going out there and becoming a social media marketing influencer instantly, think again. The working area is overcrowded, and people are exemplary good at their work. Therefore, zero down to a particular niche and focus on it. Take some precious time not only defining your field of expertise but also mapping out which areas you’re not. Digital entrepreneurship is broad, and you can’t miss out on a specific niche to choose from which leads us to the next point.

3. Choose your channel or platform.

When it comes to broadening your networks, you’ve got to have the right channel to do so. For you becoming an influencer in Malaysia, you have spoil of choices of the dozens of varying platforms. You can decide to go for YouTube, Instagram/ Stories, Facebook Stories/Groups, LinkedIn video/publishing/ blogging/podcasts, and webmasters. But remember, you may not be an influencer on all of them. So, you have to pick one where you can focus all your efforts. Get into the nitty-gritty details about, for example, good camera choice, the kind of content to create, what kind of people you want to influence, a saturated channel with influencers in your niche and which is not among others. Some great influencers began with Snapshots before shifting to Instagram and LinkedIn publishing; others started with forum answers, then Facebook stories to building enough audience to start their own marketing outfit.

4. Discover the current influencers in your niche

Having known where you stand regarding your niche, now is time to find the influencers in your industry. Its common knowledge that you’re neither the first and nor the last to be in that industry. So, start by learning from those who have been there and done it. You can start by looking at your channel or choice but magnifying your search into other areas. You can decide to create a spreadsheet on how you’re going to reach out for those influencers. In that list, you can, for example, include: the names of the influencers, websites (if it exist), email addresses, the name of the business and even try to connect to any guest contributions they have written. If it’s through YouTube, go ahead and like them, be everywhere.

Business Idea for Becoming an Influencer in Malaysia

5. Begin by creating your content

What will make you ticking is if you have something to offer to your audience. Do you have content that can influence a person to follow you or even recommend a friend? You have to know that whatever you do in becoming an influencer in Malaysia is the quality of content you provide. And for you to improve on the quality of work you put out there, you’ve got to be working on the content’s day-in-day-out. Begin by figuring out your angle. Learn how you’re going to package what you’ve got to the audience. Develop a technique that is well suited to your experience and expertise. Break it down step-by-step using tons of either screenshots or practical examples. You don’t have to copy-paste what your favorite influencer does, cut-out your own niche and convey your personality the best way you possibly can.