A Business Opportunity: Personal Fitness Trainer In Malaysia

Why is it a good business of personal fitness trainer in Malaysia?

Personal training is one of the fastest growing businesses in the health and fitness industry in the world. Staying fit or losing weight is everyone’s first priority towards a healthy life. Talking business, every business sounds good when it’s profitable, so why not to start a business for Personal Fitness Trainer in Malaysia? Personal fitness trainer means a very profitable business opportunity.
The Fitness Industry In Malaysia Is Pretty Much Divided Into these Areas:

Commercial Gym

My personal suggestion would be to kick start as a personal fitness trainer in Malaysia at a commercial gym as:

  • You’ll learn the required skill set on how to run and manage a gym business.
  • You’ll build more PR which will help you with your personal fitness training business.


Fitness Studio

When it comes to personal fitness trainer in Malaysia, fitness studios are the main game. Fitness studios are more professional than any commercial gym as they require highly experienced and qualified trainers in segregated health areas.
They specialize in a certain area of the fitness industry. For example, rehabilitation, weight loss, EMS, yoga, Pilates, etc. Whereas in Malaysia, there is a rise of new concept studios such as fly cycle, that doesn’t require certification or experience (although is good to have) to conduct the classes.

In short, you need to have some experience as a trainer to extend your business to a more professional level i.e. a fitness studio

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Freelancer personal fitness trainer in Malaysia

As mentioned above, for a fitness studio setup you would need a good amount of capital, therefore, why not to start as a freelancer?

A Business Opportunity: Personal Fitness Trainer In Malaysia

If you are a freelance trainer the options are very wide. You could be a trainer for corporate training, boot camp training, 1 on 1 training, giving talk lessons etc.

Owning a gym

In today’s economy, a business for personal fitness trainer in Malaysia is definitely worth it. If you have completed your market analysis, customer survey, risk fact analysis and got all your financials set, then you’re ready to kick off for owning a gym.

Online Coaching

Online coaching as a personal fitness trainer in Malaysia is the most trending business model, that everyone is looking into. Low set up cost, high return, low risk. And the best part is, you can do it on your own free time! Some idea for you to start your online coaching:

  • Sell online courses. Create your own online courses and sell it to Udemy.
  • Start learning on Udemy today!
  • Start your online coaching and start selling your training program on Fiverr.

Become an affiliate of fitness or any products.And start promoting and selling them

Action Steps for growing your business as a personal fitness trainer in Malaysia using the least investment. Now when you have sufficient experience and practice, it’s time to boost your business and make a well-known name for yourself using as less investment as possible. Below points will help you gain that name:

Create business cards and a newsletter

Let’s start with the best. FREE business cards! There a plenty of websites offering free business cards facilities, such as www.visaprint.com. Publishing a newsletter is neither a big deal with the latest under-a-touch technologies such as printing a free newsletter using Microsoft Word. It is best if you publish a newsletter every month so that you always have good news to attract more interested people over to your business. Your newsletters should include information about your prospective clients and for free marketing purposes, you can leave your newsletters at doctor’s offices, health clinics, etc.

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A website

Making brochures for personal fitness trainer in Malaysia is old fashioned these days, therefore, why not build an easy-to-access website with all the important information required for attracting new client? At least a brochure type website would do for the start with information such as:

  • Contact information
  • Program information
  • Your training methods
  • Testimonials from your clients
  • Amazing pictures from your business

Don’t forget to have a signup form for the prospects to fill out their information for you to contact them.


The smartest way for personal fitness trainers in Malaysia is to use trackable advertising methods only. You can always use the below:

  • Google adwords
  • Yahoo search engine marketing account
  • Offering affiliate marketing, etc.
  • Yellow pages ads

List yourself on marketing websites, for example:

  • http://www.findmyfitnesstrainer.com
  • http://respond.com


Some useful tips for your business as a personal fitness trainer in Malaysia

Try to provide free health and fitness seminars

Free seminars ALWAYS help in increasing your visibility. Many Malaysian businesses, schools, clubs and many organizations like to feature guest speakers so opt for that. Search the yellow pages or online ads for opportunities, or ask your friends for new ideas. Bring your business cards and newsletters and offer some special introductory price if they signup the same day.

To help generate referrals, you may want to temporarily lower your fees to get more people ‘in the door’ right away. The hardest part about this business is getting started. Offer a starter package with discounted fees, but be sure to explain what the normal fees are so they are not surprised when they want additional sessions. Also, explaining your normal fees will ensure that the clients take what you do seriously.

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Travel nearby for your niche clients

You will have the greatest amount of regular clients in areas with a higher income. If that means you have to drive a half an hour to a client, that’s OK, because most likely their neighbors can afford your services too. Once you drive to an area, you will probably be able to find other clients in that area to make your trip worthwhile. Even if you have to drive a long way for one client, keep in mind that you will earn much more money than you ever could at a health club, even factoring in the extra travel time and cost of gas.