Business Idea for Social Media Manager or Agency in Malaysia

Business Idea for Social Media Manager / Agency in Malaysia: How Can You Get Clients For Social Media Marketing in Malaysia?

Ever considered being a social media manager in Malaysia? If you have, then we would say go forward with your idea; various businesses are looking for services that you are planning to provide. Anyway, before getting into the world of social media marketing, you will have been sure that you are ready for competition. After all, as it is the common trend these days. There are indeed, various people willing to become a social media manager as you do. You will need to stand out from everyone to get clients as a social media marketer. So here are some things you should consider before being a Social Media Manager / Agency in Malaysia.

Look Out for Opportunities Everywhere

Whether it for finding more work letting potential clients judge you, you should be active in every social media platform as possible. Take it this way; you will be discovered on a social media site. The party discovering you will not be looking to only grow in the site they found you, but they will be aiming elsewhere. So, they are going to look at what services you could provide them. So, even if most of your traffic will be concentrated on one site (which we will be talking about later), you should still have impressive numbers in every social media you use.

Business Idea for Social Media Manager or Agency in Malaysia

At Least One Huge Channel

Twitter or Facebook? It is true that you should be available on every social media as you can. Yet you should have at least one site where you put more work and resources into. Traffic is what people look for. Build some following that businesses would consider high in every site that you are using. After achieving that, try to focus on only one site. This is where you are going to build a huge number for yourself. This will result in more people following on your primary social account. You can also create links to your other accounts.

Set Goals

Whether that be working for clients or building your own following, set goals. Anyway, aim for things that seem realistic, your conscience should be telling you that what you are following is attainable, this will push you further. Don’t just limit the goals on the numbers you generate. Also, set aim for hours you are going to work in a day. It is true that being a Social Media Manager / Agency in Malaysia will help you welcome a good profit, but it is also a job that requires a lot of commitment. Keep this on your mind as you start, and never get short of it on the way.

Learn Graphic Designing

Along with your entrepreneurship skills, you will also need some decent graphics designing knowledge to make it is a social media marketer/ Agency in Malaysia. It doesn’t mean that you should be a photoshop genius, just make sure that you can edit images up to the point they seem reasonably attractive to the eyes. Pictures are the best way to market something in the social media; they give you a good way of promotion. But at the same time, having poorly edited photos are going to turn out a disaster for your social campaign. You definitely have seen it more than enough; so be conscious about the images you use.

What Are Your Competitors Doing?

We had stated at the beginning of this article that it is not going to be a one-horse race. You are bound to have a lot of competitors as a social media marketer in Malaysia. So, you will have to keep track of what your competitors are doing and make sure your growth is in proportional to them. Doing this will also help you learn new things by taking clues for your competition, but make sure you don’t copy their work like exactly how they do.