Step by Step Guide on Real Estate Photography in Malaysia

Get Additional Income by Learning and Venturing into Real Estate Photography in Malaysia

The art of photography comes with prowess in creativity, passion, and integrity. If you have that passion and skill, now is the time to dive in the uncharted waters’ of real estate photography in Malaysia. Real estate photography is thought-provoking, and you get a sense of having a lucrative line of work. In actual sense, you can earn some additional incomes as a side-hustle or a full-time career. When someone talks about it, you may tend to think that’s it’s all about taking pictures of houses and rooms and get paid! The truth is that it’s practically not that simple!

Ideally, there are lots of things that go within it. This includes preparation and shooting to searching clients, interacting with them, and making sure they’re satisfied with the end product.

To take us off the ground, we need to understand what it takes to have a successful real estate photography business following these learning tips.

Acquire the Appropriate Gear for Real Estate Photography

If you so believe that real estate photography in Malaysia does require exotic and costly gear, then you better shelve that idea. In an actual sense, you only need a few specific bits of camera equipment to get yourself rolling. This is because it’s pegged on the basic nature of photographing which incorporates the interior and exterior property images where you’re taking pictures of a stationary subject that you have complete control over. In other words, you may not require a pricey camera that has features like high-frame ratings or action-tracking autofocus. All you need to emphasis on are two camera attributes that possess the ability to bracket multiple exposures and trigger a flash.

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So, what could be this essential piece of gear we’re talking about? One is a solid tripod—then a wide-angle lens also known as ultra-wide. These two features will set you up and get the job done! Perhaps in a bit to improve on your illumination, you’ll need to get a wireless flash. You can use this to lighten interiors, either by bouncing the flash off the ceiling and walls behind the camera.

Acquire Image Editing Tools for Real Estate Photography

Every photographer will tell you that even if you have a solid tripod or the best lens, you still require editing the images you’ve taken. And when it comes to editing, having a raw processing program is a necessity. However, for real estate photography in Malaysia, you’ll need to have an advanced Photoshop processing. You will also need High Dynamic Range (HDR) processing application. Likewise, having HDR software like Photomatix Pro provides both high-quality and superior tone controls for editing bracketed images alongside extremely efficient batch processing capabilities.

Study and Practice Photographing Real Estate

As lucrative as it may sound, you must practice and get to know precisely what your gear is capable of delivering before bouncing into a paid job. Practicing will not only assist you in working efficiently when offered an “actual” job but help you deliver exceedingly professional outcomes. As part of building your portfolio, you should begin by understanding the right images to capture. Real estate photography in Malaysia provides you with an opportunity to learn existing prevailing property listings and images from different sources. And as a rule of thumb, get one or two images from the interior end of the room as well as images including the front and backyard.

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Build a Portfolio for Your Business

Before thinking of looking for a job, you must first build your portfolio. How then do you expect to get professional work if you don’t have a portfolio of professional images to show to tour clientele? Well good news, because building real estate photography is one easier field that you can come up with a portfolio. Here’s the thing. Begin by first practicing with your own home or you can ask a colleague who possesses an ideal home that’s willing to let you take a few photos of the interior rooms.

Similarly, on the positive side carry along your business cards whenever you’re out-and-about in public, taking your shots. On the other hand, you may as well make some cold-calls to real estate agents within the area you’re operating. Getting your professional work out there may not be easy. It calls for using other avenues from paid advertising online to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or selling in-person at local events. Remember that commitment and determination are key factors to your success in real estate photography in Malaysia.

Step by Step Guide on Real Estate Photography in Malaysia

Establish the Right Pricing

It’s no doubt that pricing your services in any form of business may be complicated. Of course, you can set your own pricing. However, you must consider the time spent doing the actual shoot, editing the images and the services you’re providing. You wouldn’t want to charge the prices too low or get way above the normal market rate. One way of getting a better idea of pricing is by checking out what your competitors are charging. The pricing should be able to cover your expenses and settling you in a profit.

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Most certainly, how to charge in real estate photography in Malaysia will depend on the area/value of the property itself. Remember, even if you start on the lower end and working yourself up, the definite best thing you can do is keeping track of all the hours spent on each job. Figured out the number of jobs that can fit in within a single week.