Space Tourism In Malaysia And Its Increasing Scope

Space tourism in Malaysia: its foundation, future and recommendations

Space tourism in Malaysia has already been introduced and a lot of emphasis is being paid on ways to start it. Space tourism basically means visit of places which are not located on earth but they exist outside the earth. This travel seems like a dream which does not seems real to many. Space tourism is technically different from other travels and it started 40 years back. Space tourism might not be as dreamy to implement as it sounds, it needs a lot of technicalities and radar system to make this travel possible.

Scope for space tourism in Malaysia

The scope for space tourism in Malaysia is very high as this industry is already on progressive side. Malaysia dreams to be an international tourism spot for people who want to experience adventure in space travel. Annual report says that 24.6 million visitors visit Malaysia. The report of 2010 United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), calculated that Malaysia is the 9th country which is visited by the tours. Similarly, space tourism in Malaysia can also boost the economy.

Space tourism in Malaysia and its start

Malaysian National Space Agency (ANGKASA) aims to develop new opportunities for space travel. The Malaysian space Centre gives training to students to control and handle the space activities. The government is very supportive in this regard and it is welcoming any new talents, which can contribute and enhance the space tourism. The government is also ready to sponsor anyone who wants to experiment and bring some technical advancement which can enhance the travelling experience.

Space Tourism In Malaysia And Its Increasing Scope

Space tourism in Malaysia is actively working in Space research infrastructure. It is also trying to do business with international space agencies. It is also working on advertising events and cooperatively funding experiments to build a strong foundation for space travel.

Future of space tourism in Malaysia

The future is really bright for Malaysian business seekers to help government in this regard. Potential business seekers can apply to work as researchers, pioneers and idea builders to help in this area. As growing private sector participation is encouraged by managements, private companies and persons prepared to challenge the business of space tourism, will get good welcome in the market.

Following are the recommendations to Malaysian business seekers:

  • Keeping in mind the future space prospects for Malaysia, more learning classes can be conducted to let people know of the opportunities they have. These way potential ideas can be exaggerated to improve the space travel.
  • The incentives which the government offers should be used to research and make something for space travel.
  • Conduct research on people that what do they want to spend on space travel, and what is their idea of space travel.
  • Develop attractive ideas which can be bought by the government
  • Try to make clean and neat data on space related activities. that how it should be implemented and utilized.
  • Promote space related activities to develop interest in these areas, in case funding is needed.
  • Try to improve the economic sector by offering space activities which can contribute in generating income.

It is clear that space activities are promoted and regulated by government agencies in Malaysia. Therefore, grab the opportunity and if you have interest in this sector, use your mind to come up with a business plan which can be of interest of the government. This way, you will get sponsors and you will be able to regulate your business in the respective sector. Space travelling will really boost the economy of the country and it might help Malaysia to reach its target of becoming developed country before than it dreams of. Take the chance and if you have interest in space tourism in Malaysia then do share your part to take people on space travelling.