Some Ideas For Starting A New Food Business In Malaysia

Why Establishing A Food Business in Malaysia Is A Good Endeavor

The food business in Malaysia has a good market because people are food lovers and they love to eat new food items.  The Malaysian culture represents its people as the biggest food lovers. They love to try out different foods and enjoy exploring new tastes in their lives. Foreigners, who visit Malaysia, also tend to eat a lot, following the Malaysian culture. This food culture becomes an opportunity for people who want to open their restaurant in Malaysia.


Key Points To Start a New Food Business in Malaysia

Once you have made up your mind to open a food business in Malaysia, you have to prioritize and plan your business accordingly. Following key points should be planned for a good food business in Malaysia

  • Location of the restaurant will play a major role in its success. The location should be a central place where people can easily come. It should not be an isolated place, because the business needs customers to keep it running. However, it should not be located in a place where there is a lot of traffic.  In this busy life, people do not like hassles of parking and noise of a lot of people.
  • The layout and designing of the restaurant should be eye catchy, along with tasty food people also prefer a great ambiance. Some people do not like to check in at ugly places, no matter how tasty the food is. It is better to come up with a layout which is comforting and soothing for the eyes. A good place adds to a good mood and customers naturally like the food more.
  • The menu should be decided after an extensive research of the demands of the market. Because a good place can attract customers for one time, but good food can attract them for a long time. Good taste is addictive and if a customer likes it, he/ she will come again and again. The length of the menu and the items should be selected according to the demand of the market. Food is a vast niche, so a lot of variety can be offered in the menu. But, a simple one tasteful dish can also do the wonders, if made and served properly. The menu selection is the most crucial part of this business, which should be paid attention respectively.


Selection of Staff

  • After selection of the menu, the chefs should be hired. The chefs should be selected after taking their test that whether they can cook good food or not. They should be tested for cooking variety of foods listed in the menu.  Their temperament should also be analyzed during an interview, that whether they can work in a team or not. A good mood of the chef also enhances their capability to bring the taste to their food.
  • A good staff with ethics and principles represent a good business. Therefore, the staff should be selected after interviewing them and checking their background as well as their experience in this field. The staff should be trained on a regular basis because their serving etiquettes will make the customers feel at home. This way, an overall good experience would be provided to the customers. The ill-mannered staff shows the deficiency in the business and no one would like to come back again if something like this happens.
  • The business should have up to a dated operating system because it will help in recording daily expenditure as well as earning. For the smooth processing of business, a good operating system is required, so that things should be kept in record.

Some Ideas For Starting A New Food Business In Malaysia


Some Mandatory Steps to Open a Food Business in Malaysia

  • The business should apply for a licensee for certain things like halal food, alcohol, signboard license MACP, and PPM (if want to play music) in the area.
  • Incorporate a Malaysian company for registration of the business.
  • For foreigners, who want to apply for ownership has to prove their business as different and attractive, with a minimum land size of 1500 sq. feet.
  • Apply for a work permit, which is called dp10 which grants two-year work permit for you and your family.  The work permit is obtained easily within 1 month of application.

To open a food business in Malaysia is a fun task to do because the demand is really high for food and people appreciate new tastes. All you have to do is to come up with unique ideas and tastes, to cater the market demand and attract customers. The customers would also help in marketing, through word of mouth communication. A good plan with careful implementation would help the food business to grow in the Malaysian market easily.