Business ideas for Data driven healthcare in Malaysia

Lucrative business ideas for data driven healthcare department in Malaysia

Data driven Healthcare sector in Malaysia has shown huge growth in recent years. Health tech trends are increasing and startups are working hard to improve the technologies related to health. As these clever technologies do not intend to take the jobs from the doctors, but they do help out in assisting the patients to maintain their health. Though, Malaysian health tech departments are still in developing stage, it needs innovative ideas to make healthcare easy and accessible to everyone.

Business ideas for Data driven healthcare in Malaysia
Health tech department is working hard to improve lifestyles, by improving health conditions and contributing to our long lives. There are few already working startups which are contributing in lives of Malaysians such as Naluri, Hypoband, bookdoc, healthmetrics, PurelyB,homeGB, DoctorOnCall, clickNcare, and So, the market is already trending and improving in the same capacity. You have a potential to come up with your startup and share your part in this niche. Some of the business ideas which Malaysian market is missing and you can come up with are:

Fertility check

You can provide a service or app, through which people can get checked for their fertility tests by staying right at their homes. Unique business model should be designed to provide both ease and comfort to the audience, otherwise they can go and get their checkups done. But, the ease of staying at home and privacy are the factors which can attract the patients to opt for this.

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Order medicines

The model should be designed which can connect patients and the drugstore keepers. This way the patients can order their medicine and it can be delivered in no time. Because, sometime the busy schedule or guests at home do not allow us to go and shop the medicines, but this app will be helpful in online orders of the medicine. This way allow the patients not to procrastinate in taking the medicine and take it on its due time.

Health counselor

This model should be designed to connect health care counselors and consumers. The health counselors can visit the homes of the people who want to improve their health conditions. A health guide is supposed to change the diet and exercise routine of the person based on their lifestyle. Health counseling is beneficial for both, as the person will receive the counseling right at their home, whereas the coach will have flexible timings and hours.

You can be a personal coach or hire coaches in your domain so that a lot of people can be entertained at a time. This model should engage some people who are looking to improve their health.


Nutritionist is always in high demand being at schools, gym, hospitals and workplaces. A nutritionist needs good schooling and academic records in the same field. If you are a nutritionist by profession, then you can start your own health tech model which can talk about your abilities and how one to one service will be provided.

Weight loss coach

If you are good at diet plans and have experience in a gym, then you can work as a personal coach for people. You can come up with a health tech model which can connect you with your potential clients. As people already are very conscious about their health and beauty, this platform will help them to hire their coach on their respective time frame.

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Health and aging

The fraction of aging persons is rising in many countries, and their care and health is given utmost importance. This opens a door to products and services which support healthy aging. You can plan to deliver services to the aged people by designing your technical model. Your target should be aging worries, or you can work with retirement communities and can deliver your services on demand.

Diet meals

Some people are looking for chefs who can cook them ready made healthy and diet meals. If you are a professional chef you can design your model where your meal list should be given. There should be data storage mechanism as well, where the customers can save their data that what diet they are eating and how much improvement they can see in a certain period of time. This data will help you analyze to prepare their meals more cautiously, and it will be helpful for them as well. They can update if they are not available for some days, this way the connection will become technical and smooth.
As the Malaysian market already has data driven healthcare departments, but still there is a room for improvement.

If you are not a technical person then you can at least come up with an idea. Some companies do assist in making your idea into reality. You can start your own health teach business to help the community and generate your income as well.