Business Idea for Blogging & Publishing Contents in Malaysia

Things and Ideas to Know for Blogging and Publishing in Malaysia

We are giving simple steps for Blogging & Publishing Contents to exhibit their talent.

Buy a Domain Name Along With Web Hosting

If you are into a business of Blogging & Publishing Contents on websites then you must have thought if it is good to buy a domain name from a web hosting company. You know that this is a very straight question especially if you’re thinking to launch your very first website. You can get your domain name from a web hosting company but this is not the only option available for you. You should think about the price of the domain name and web hosting separately. After getting a domain name for your website, the second step is creating a WordPress website.

Create a WordPress Website

If you are blogging & publishing contents then WordPress is the best option to choose to create your website. If you don’t have high traffic on your website then it will be the best option to choose because WordPress can easily handle medium traffic. Now you have your own domain name so you can leave the directory column blank. For creating a WordPress website you just need to login into your host account and get a WordPress script and you have to install the script for further processing. You can browse through WordPress dashboard.

The Theme for the WordPress

After making a WordPress website you change the appearance of the content and you can change your sidebar widgets and you can also create beautiful menus.

  • Write SEO-Optimized content in WordPress
  • Post Title and Meta Title
  • Let us understand the difference between Meta title and post title.
  • Post title: How your audience will see your blog title.
  • Post Meta title: Meta title will be shown at the time of searching in search engines.

Monetize Your Blog With AdSense

You can use Google AdSense to start monetizing your blog or post. Google AdSense is a type of marketing method or you can advertisement strategy managed and run by Google which allows us to display text, image, and rich media ads on your blog.

Business Idea for Blogging & Publishing Contents in Malaysia

What makes Google AdSense so beneficial is that the ads which show automatically on your targeted website’s content. It is very easy to incorporate Google AdSense to your website and all you have to do is add some coding where you want the advertisement to be shown or use one of the many available WordPress plugins.

A Never-ending Social Media Campaign

Creating an evergreen social media isn’t a wrong choice if you are blogging & publishing contents. We all have active accounts on social media, right? A distinct post that is posted on social media campaign goes viral in a blink of an eye. You can also monetize your blog by generating leads or by having paid promotion. A tool called MeetEdgar can be used for this purpose.

Here are some ideas for social media updates which will help to fuel your blog:

  • Share a headline from your blog
  • Share an excerpt
  • Infographic really works

Review and Optimize Blog

Search engine optimization is a proven way to increase organic and inorganic traffic hence it increases the traffic on the landing page. Hence optimizing content in SEO will improve the overall performance leading to increasing its overall ranking.

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