Business Idea for Amazon Seller in Malaysia

An online platform that can provide an Amazon seller in Malaysia a chance to entice more buyers to purchase with much flexibility.

Amazon is the world renowned online retailer platform. An Amazon seller in Malaysia can venture in and benefit from plenty of opportunities. Each business has purchasing requirements.  The Amazon Business Seller suite is an open-door avenue for customers and business alike to procure bigger orders. If you like engaging people through the online platform, then being an Amazon seller in Malaysia can greatly be beneficial to you.

Now, what kind of activities will you be dealing with under Amazon Business Seller program?

For you to be an Amazon seller in Malaysia, you simply have to start selling something. Have you ever thought of running a business that you never worry about the logistics of warehousing, packing and courier services? Or increasing the value of your business through private labeling and personal branding? Well, that’s possible through the Amazon business model known as “Fulfillment by Amazon” (FBA). Besides, it’s available if you’re an Amazon seller in Malaysia. Your responsibility will be to focus on searching for products opportunities only. The rest is handled by Amazon. All you need to do is to ship the products to Amazon’s warehouse.

When you’re a Prime member of Amazon, you’re eligible to a free Two-Day Shipping among other services. Start by listing your products on FBA and the listings are displayed with a Prime logo for customers to view. The good news is that you don’t have to handle the customer service part of the business as Amazon does it for you. Again, you can send as many products as possible, and its cost-efficient with a small fee charged on storage space (per cubic foot) and fulfilment fees (per unit).

Ensure you add banners, logos or additional features for consumers to know more about your products. For you to succeed as an Amazon seller in Malaysia, start by offering unique products. Amazon has gone beyond, and you can now offer B2C services such as computer techs, training among others.

With that in mind, how then can you get started with this idea of an Amazon seller in Malaysia?
Business Idea for Amazon Seller in Malaysia

    • Establish an Amazon seller account

      • To get your FBA business on the right path you first must create an Amazon Seller Account. You visit Amazon’s website, and on the footer side you’ll search for the title indicated “Make Money with Us.” This will follow with clicking on the link that states “Sell on Amazon.” You can either decide to sign up as an individual seller or a professional seller. For the professional seller, you’ll be eligible to pay up a monthly subscription fee.
      • After creating a seller account, go ahead and set up your seller profile. Your seller’s profile will let Amazon clientele get a glimpse of what you’re selling.Remember that not all products are eligible to be sold by any seller. Certain products get only approved to a particular seller. Therefore, before you decide to sign up on any of the two categories, check out the list of Amazon’s approved product classification. This will give you a head-start on which direction to follow as an Amazon seller in Malaysia.
      • To complete the whole process of creating an Amazon seller account, you’ll have to secure the following:
        • Business name
        • Your addresses and legal names
        • Communication information for customers and Amazon
        • Product listings
        • Bank account information
        • Shipping alternatives

        For the record: Amazon requires you to open a Payoneer account. You’ll afterwards link with your Malaysia local bank to receive payments. Again, in case your documents are not in English or any supported languages, you have to translate them into English and ensure they’re certified. Amazon may ask you to send your utility statement. Ensure that the names on the utility statement you give matches with the heading of the legal entity you applied on your account. For instance, if you work from home and send a personal utility statement, your application falls under the rejection list, it is recommended to use a corporate address utility statement.

    Business Idea for Amazon Seller in Malaysia

  • Unearth product openings and create your private label

    • You can try different options of FBA business model, but one popular approach is private labeling. The whole idea of private labeling as an Amazon seller in Malaysia is to create a trademark that you can apply to your product before selling it at Amazon. But before you go that route, you first must conduct your Amazon product search. Get to know the variety of products sold in a particular category because if you enter into a detested product category and sell more than your competition, you’re bound to lose money. Learn to do a competitive evaluation and analyze product reviews.
    • Private labeling will only be appropriate if you’re planning to build an asset that can eventually sell out. Ensure that you’ve enough product stocks to make money as an Amazon seller in Malaysia. Currently, Amazon operates in 11 marketplaces in the world: Canada, Mexico, the US, Germany, Spain, China, Italy, India, France, Japan, and the UK.Another avenue to explore as an Amazon seller in Malaysia is Amazon Global Selling program. The program offers you as a seller to grow your business globally by accessing the 11 Amazon’s marketplaces.
  • Incorporate your business

    • For you to be an effective Amazon seller in Malaysia, ensure you first register your business. You can either decide to do it online through the SSM e-Lodgement which may take some time or go to the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM). A business certificate is issued 24 hours after registration of a Private Limited Company or Sdn Bhd. The business registration costs are RM 1,160 for a company, and that will assist you in creating your Amazon Seller account.

To learn more about business incorporation in Malaysia, you may read about incorporate your business in Malaysia and guide to Malaysia Company Registration.