Soft Loan Scheme for Service Sector (SLSSS) for Malaysia SME

Soft Loan Scheme for Service Sector (SLSSS): Malaysia SME Should Know About

Soft Loan Scheme for Service Sector (SLSSS): Everything About The SME Loan Malaysia

Being an SME owner in Malaysia, you sometimes need a loan to make your business ideas count. Money is essential, not only when you make it, but also when you start something and especially for the startup Small to medium enterprises, where a lot of funds are not available from the investors or owners side, loans could offer a lot of help. Still, the scheme has to be good and flexible, with the reasonable pay-back rates. And today, we look at the Soft Loan Scheme for Services Sector (SLSSS), which might be the perfect fit for the loan needs of your SME.

Soft Loan Scheme For Services Sector: What Is It?

The soft loan scheme for service sector (SLSSS) is a loan scheme in Malaysia, from the Ministry of International Trade & Industry (MITI) which provides the promising SME startups with a loan of up to RM5million. Besides, this program is for non-SMEs as well, and the financing depends on whether the corporate is SME or not, with 4% per annum for the former and 5% per annum for the latter. The scope of the financing include CAPEX and working capital, and the program is expected to develop the industrial section of Malaysia by helping potential SME startups reach their full heights and entrepreneurial development.

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Financing Tenure

The financing tenure of SLSSS varies depending on the nature of the business tasks. Here are the mandates for different aspects.

  • Land And Buildings: Maximum 15 years and a grace period of up to 2 years.Machinery equipment, Vehicles and Other Fixed Assets: Up to 6 years and a grace period of up to a year.
  • IT (Hardware/Software): Maximum 4 years and a maximum grace period of 1 year.
    Working Capital: Up to 150 days
  • Advertising and Promotional tasks: Up to 3 years including a grace period of maximum one year.


To be able to apply for the loan, enterprises should meet the following criteria’s.

  • The company should be incorporated and running in Malaysia.Minimum 60% equity should be held by Malaysian citizen(s).
  • The company should have a business premise and possess a premises license.

If your SME complies with the above terms, you are capable of making an application for the SOFT LOAN SCHEME FOR SERVICES SECTOR (SLSSS).

Soft Loan Scheme for Service Sector (SLSSS) for Malaysia SME

How To Apply

The financing coordinator of the scheme is Malaysian Industrial Development Finance Berhad (MIDF).

  • First off, you will have to send an application to MIDF including your company profile, products, goals, and basically every information you can accumulate that show that your SME business is feasible and has a potential to shine. Also, in the application, you will have to show your understanding of the business market and write about your marketing strategies, competitors and other related analysis.
  • Once they process your application, a MIDF personnel will visit your business premise to inspect your resources, technology, equipment’s, layout and schedule. Be well prepared. They will also do a credit checking while the application processing takes place.
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Well, this was it for the Soft Loan Scheme for the Services Sector (SLSSS). I hope this article will help your business.

Besides, to learn more, you can read about the guide of company incorporation and also SMEs in Malaysia.