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Pott Glasses – A Mission to Provide Asian Fit Glasses that Reflect a Strong Combination of Excellence, Elegance and Efficiency

The launch of Pott Glasses—one of the leading eyewear companies in Malaysia—stemmed from the growing need for Asian fit glasses. The owners of the company identified many areas for improvement in the eyewear industry that the existing eyewear companies either failed to recognised and cater to or neglected. Though it’s been only a couple of years since the company’s inception, Pott Glasses have managed to earn a strong market reputation and become the go-to eyewear provider among both men and women in Malaysia across all demographics. And that is truly an achievement for a start-up.

A Brand that Celebrates Uniqueness and Diversity
Founded with a mission to provide Asian fit glasses that reflect a strong combination of excellence, elegance and efficiency delivered with superior customer service, Pott Glasses is a brand that celebrates uniqueness and diversity.

To provide the perfect pair of glasses to every walk-in customer, the team of Pott Glasses carefully takes into consideration the customer’s facial shape, outfit, style and personality, while also performing an eye test. The brand is focused towards providing Malaysians with a unique and chic pair of glasses that compliments them, looks great on their face, boosts their confidence and reflects their style and individuality. And this is undoubtedly obvious from the way the team of Pott Glasses works.

Donating Pairs of Glasses to the Underprivileged
Pott Glasses Charity EventThe brand is committed to changing the way people select, buy and wear glasses to work and special occasions. Pott Glasses is not just in the business to grow their financial bottom-line. In fact, the brand makes sure that they do everything they can to give back to the Malaysian society. The company does this by donating pairs of glasses to those individuals who are underprivileged.

Pott Glasses follow TOM’s business model of ‘1 for 1’. It performs eye test of the needy in the local community and made glasses suitable for them. So far, the company has visited four places & donated approximately 200 (two hundred) pairs of eyewear.

Transforming the Eyewear Industry
The company has become an enviable success story in the shortest time. Many may think that this may just have been by sheer luck of the dynamic duo, however, much of the brand’s success can be attributed to their customer-centric approach, passion, hard work, & determination.

The company—Pott Glasses—is the brain-child of the two childhood friends Tai Hau & Eden Tan who had two different areas that they wanted to focus on but one vision and that was to transform the eyewear industry in Malaysia for the better.

And that is what made them become one force and collaborate together to form ‘Pott Glasses’—a name that the country now recognises as the leading and trusted eyewear brand.

Introducing Fashionable Eyewear
After acquiring qualification in engineering, Tai Hau went to Europe in 2013 to participate in technopreneurship programs. What fascinated him there was the growing trend of online shopping and when visiting cities like Berlin and Barcelona, Mr Hau was fascinated by the way Europeans wore glasses.

Pott Glasses MalaysiaHe was amazed to see how they considered it as an essential pair of accessories instead of just something that helps them see better. Their glasses looked very chic and matched their outfit as well. And this is when he decided to start a business venture that focused on introducing fashionable eyewear in Malaysia.

On the other hand, during the same time-frame, Eden, who was already interested in the optical business, was looking for partners. Operating in the industry for 8 years as a certified optician and branch manager at an eyewear store in Malaysia, Eden wanted to start his own business venture. He wanted to start an eyewear store that focused on delivering the best customer services possible. He wanted to offer more than just eye-wear. He wanted to deliver experiences by providing them with the best and affordable eyewear products designed to their fit and taste along with eyewear advice.

So, he and Mr Hau decided to come together and launch a company that could provide Asian fit glasses while offering the ultimate customer service experience.

How to finance this amazing venture was one big challenge that they were up against. Therefore the company first started out as an online eyewear store. Once they started to grow and generate good money through sales, they launched their physical store while keeping their e-store running.

Initially, they started out in a small shop located in Subang Jaya SS15. They both did the store’s interior and renovation by themselves to save money on the work. They managed to breakeven quickly and started to earn profits faster than what they had expected.

Door-to-Door Eye Tests
The company is recognised as one of the leading eyewear store in Malaysia today for its great service and quality products. It offers Door-to-Door eye tests bringing glasses to clients at their doorsteps and even performs eye tests in their homes.

They offer a wide range of glasses in different colours and shapes catering to the customer needs. Furthermore, the prices at which Pott Glasses sells are very competitive. The brand works both directly & closely with manufacturers which makes the supply chain free of middlemen. As there is no passing down of the cost, the glasses are available at Pott Glasses at affordable rates.

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