Success Story of Fire Fighter Industry Sdn Bhd

Success Story of Fire Fighter Industry Sdn Bhd

Along the Kuala Lumpur’s Federal Highway lies a company that represents the forefront of the fire safety and protection industry in Malaysia. With a mission to embrace the change in technology and the overall business landscape, combining it with its high standards of quality and core fundamental requirements, this ISO-certified company is recognized for its reputation to keep the people safe from the dangers that fires bring forth.

This company is none other than Fire Fighter Industry Sdn Bhd.

Humble Beginnings
Fire Fighter

Before it became Malaysia’s market leader in fire prevention and protection, Fire Fighter Industry Sdn Bhd started back in 1974. From humble beginnings, Fire Fighter persisted and committed itself to delivering everything that the market needed back then, and it has today grown from a once sole proprietor company to a now bustling private limited company with a 120-worker workforce today.

Proud of how far it has come, the Fire Fighter family prides itself on having built their reputation by earning the trust of their consumers through the delivery of exceptional quality at very reasonable prices. Today, the company provides consumers throughout Malaysia with a full range of fire protection systems and relevant equipment needed to keep their homes and their loved ones safe from harm.

Offers a full spectrum of products and services

Success Story of Fire Fighter Industry Sdn Bhd

Fire Fighter Industry Sdn Bhd offers a full spectrum of products and services which cover activities including manufacturing, designing, supplying, installing, repairing and maintenance of a full range of fire protection systems, fire suppression systems and fire-fighting and prevention equipment. In 2012, the company was a proud recipient of the prestigious ISO Certification of Environmental Management System under Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance.

Fire Fighter is one of the first to the fight and has committed itself to becoming the people’s first line of defence and prevention against potentially harmful fires and the disastrous consequences it can bring. The Fire Fighter team will help ensure that you always come out the winner when fighting with fire, bringing families all over Malaysia that foundation of safety and security they all desire for their beloved families.

Keeping your family and your loved ones safe is your priority, and Fire Fighter Industry Sdn Bhd has made that its priority to, and has made a lifelong commitment to always ensuring that the safety of the people of Malaysia is always number one on their list.

Fire Fighter Industry Sdn Bhd
No. 1a, 10th Mile, Federal Highway,
47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
Contact: +603 7962 9999
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