When Passion and Dreams Collide: The Humble Beginnings of The Cookies Factory

Who would have thought that a once little shop of homemade baked delights could one day blossom into a booming premier confectionary manufacturing business? Madam Lim certainly couldn’t have dreamed her love for baking cookies for her friends and loved ones in her little home kitchen in Pontian, Johor would one day become the most sought after premier cookie distributer several years on.

Our Journey Begins
The Cookies FactoryWay back in 1991 when we were previously known as Ling’s Homemade Cookies, that’s where The Cookies Factory (TCF) first grew its roots before it came the premier cookies and biscuit manufacturer based in Johor, Malaysia. Madam Lim’s cookies were so good that it wasn’t long before word-of-mouth soon began to spread like wildfire, and soon the reputation of her delicious homemade specialties soon had orders pouring in from places as far away as Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

Things only got better and better from that point on. Madam Lim’s cookies were so famous it wasn’t long before it started to get the attention of some major confectionaries in both Malaysia and Singapore. In 2006, rebranding was the next logical step for the company that grew so astoundingly and that’s how The Cookies Factory Sdn Bhd was born.

Since then, TCF has come into its own crafted out a nice little niche for itself within Malaysia and abroad because of how tantalizing its exquisite range of premium cookies and biscuits are. The locals in Malaysia, Taiwan, China and the Philippines just can’t get enough of these delicious nibbles, which has helped TCF expand overseas through the trade channel and the travel retail channel through Singapore.

The TCF family is passionate about what they do, and it definitely shows in the products that come out in that range. The secret ingredient to the success lies in its specially crafted formula which gives each product its one of a kind flavors, distinct texture and great taste which the customers just can’t get enough of.

Since its birth, TCF gradually transitioned into a business which focuses on providing contract manufacturing (OEM) services to renowned confectionaries in Singapore and in Malaysia.

Claim to Fame
TCF’s many awards which it has garnered over the years only serves as a testament to just how far the company has come and the immense success it has enjoyed. TCF successfully obtained the HALA certificate from the Malaysia Halal Development Corporation in 2009.

In 2011, under a private label trade, TCF began successfully exporting its products to Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and New Zealand.

In 2013, TCF was honoured to be one of the winners of the Enterprise 50 Award 2013, which is an annual award program that celebrates and highlights the achievements of small and medium enterprises which are well positioned for the future.

In 2014, TCF was once more honoured to be featured on-board Tiger Airways flights outbound from Singapore.

Being recognized for the love of baking and the passion which goes into every product that is produced is certainly one of the driving forces that keeps TCF family going strong.

TCF’s story is just one of the many examples of how love, passion, dedication and determination can be the driving force for monumental success, even if you start from humble beginnings.

The Cookies Factory
Address: Lot 5960, Batu 35 1/2,
Jalan Johor, 82000 Pontian,
Johor Darul Takzim, Malaysia.
Contact: +607 686 9787
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Website: www.thecookiesfactory.com