Container Kebab’s Rapid 2-Year Growth in Malaysia

Container Kebab’s Rapid 2-Year Growth Is an Example of What Passion Can Do

Container Kebab is part of the Baba Rafi Group which is well known as the world’s largest kebab group establishing more than 1300 outlets in 13 countries.

Baba Rafi’s new concept, Container Kebab was introduced to Malaysia by Kenny, now CEO of Container Kebab Malaysia.

When the company was born towards the end of 2018 in Malaysia, nobody knew who they were. By 2020, the brand was already making waves in 13 outlets in 4 cities and growing

It Began with A Dream and A Passion

Kenny Poh - Director of Container KebabA business cannot flourish without a passionate and driven team behind it. That’s how Container Kebab successfully conquered four cities and branched out to 13 outlets in over 1 year. What once began in a small room with a team consisting of no more than four people at the time, the business now has its own office, production room and warehouse, all thanks to the loyal customers, investors and business partners who believed in Kenny’s passion.

Before Kenny turned his dream into reality, he experienced what no employee ever wants to go through. He was laid off from his old job because the company was closing down. Instead of letting the setback break his spirits, Kenny was more determined than ever to take his fate into his own hands. It was at that moment he decided he would start his own venture.

Months went by and somewhere along the way, Kenny found the Baba Rafi group. After careful consideration, he decided to make the trip to Indonesia to explore his options. After several visits, Kenny made the decision to bring this brand to Malaysia.

Container Kebab’s Rapid 2-Year Growth in MalaysiaFrom one outlet to now 13 outlets in Malaysia alone, the Container Kebab team is getting bigger and stronger every year. The team encourages all young entrepreneurs who are committed and passionate about starting a business of their own to come and join the Container Kebab family.

As it continues to expand its reach, Container Kebab aims to stay true to its commitment of giving 110% towards its innovative efforts to better serve their customers. With a target to open 50 outlets by 2023 in Malaysia, the company doesn’t plan to slow down anytime soon.

Container Kebab
Address: 43, Jalan Uranus AH U5/AJ,
Bandar Pinggiran Subang, 40150,
Shah Alam, Selangor.
Contact Person: Kenny Poh