Witty and Efficient Business Ideas for E-Commerce in Malaysia

The Ecommerce in Malaysia Gives People a Chance to Explore Businesses

Starting a career as an entrepreneur can be difficult and challenging, especially if you do not know what to do. You might have to face a couple of problems but having a concrete plan and idea can lessen the risks you will experience. In case you are confused about how to take advantage of the booming ECommerce in Malaysia, you can always research on what the trends are. In addition, your business should be something you can sustain, especially when there are hurdles.

Fashion Business

Similar to other countries, those living in Malaysia are also into fashion. Their fashion sense is great and Malaysians get concerned and aware about how they dress and look. Actually, even if a lot of fashion brands already have outlets in Malaysia, there is still enough room for investors to bring in more fashion they would love.

If you plan to continue with this idea, do not neglect the importance of their local fashion. You should have a deeper knowledge and understanding of their own fashion. Entering this field can be a good opportunity for you.

Start Your Own Ecommerce Website

A great business idea is to earn money online by creating an Ecommerce website. You can start by selling something on your platform. For instance, Big Cartel, Shopify, WIx and EasyStore are all platforms where you can launch a business and reach a very wide range of potential buyers. You can look at their business model and you can create something similar or see where they are lacking and make that your edge. People today enjoy shopping online because they can have the items delivered to them for a reasonable amount or sometimes free if they meet the minimum.

Online Hotel Booking

With Malaysia’s beauty, their tourism is growing and this is something to take note of for an Ecommerce business. Their 2 beautiful islands – Malay Peninsula and Borneo bring in tourists from everywhere. The beautiful beaches, rainforests, and splendid sights give foreigners a reason to visit the country.

Witty and Efficient Business Ideas for E-Commerce in Malaysia

This becomes a basis for having an online hotel booking business in Malaysia. You only need to have partnerships and this connects with a lot of the hotels nearby found in Malaysia. The payment will be based on the terms and conditions aside from the agreement you make. It will be a great online business in Malaysia if you go for it.


Are there certain subjects you are good at? Is teaching your passion? Tutoring is one of the best jobs you can do for extra income. Your options are either to become an online tutor or home tutor, which both does not require a physical classroom. You only have to be proficient in the subject, and your eagerness to allot a few hours every week to teach. The hourly market rates are between S$15 to S$50, which depends on your qualifications and your tutee’s education level.

Niche Websites

Niche websites are built to focus on a specific group of people in a bigger market that only have 1 interest. For instance, you can start a website that aims to promote the food and tourism in a certain part of Malaysia. The main thing here is the website’s focus is on a particular market. You should not underestimate the opportunity this could bring because you can grow this into a full-time business. Your income will be through a paid review about F&B restaurants, social media management for restaurants in that area, and video production.

Micro Finance Business

A lot of new businesses have lately been introduced these days in Malaysia. The businesses need the right funding so can thrive and go on as time goes by. The owners of the business can acquire funding from different microfinance banks. Therefore, the business of microfinance banking is a booming opportunity for a lot of investors in the country. Being knowledgeable and experienced in accounting is useful for setting up this kind of business.

Event Planning

Throughout the year, there are a lot of different events. Besides weddings, companies have corporate events, concerts, birthday parties, farewell and a lot more. Based on a survey, an event planner’s salary could range from S$10,000 to S$54,000 every year and the average salary is S$30,000 a year. The best event to start with is a birthday party because it costs lower compared to other events, so it only requires a minimal budget. The equipment and materials required to set up a birthday party is lower compared to other events. When you have raised more capital and profits, your business can grow and hold bigger events for more profits.

Write Articles for Brands

An online business you can start in Malaysia with little to almost no capital is writing articles. The idea here is that you write an article assigned to you by a local business for the purpose of content marketing.

If you are good at writing and communicating ideas to others, you might want to consider a copywriting business. Although, it can also be important to take note that a great writer should know about keyword research, good English and SEO.

Rubber Plantation

In Malaysia, another important product naturally found here is rubber. In addition, agriculture plays a huge role in the country’s economy. This business is very profitable and lucrative, especially if you own a farm. This is a great home-based business you can start in Malaysia.

With the flourishing E-Commerce business in Malaysia, there are a lot of chances people can have if they want to be profitable. Moreover, they are always looking for what’s the next best thing and innovation will help you become successful. Aside from Malaysia being a beautiful tourist spot, the economy is thriving and investors are always received well.