What Is A Patent? Business Ideas And Patent In Malaysia

Some Valuable Ideas Or Steps For Business Ideas And Patent In Malaysia

In this article, business ideas and patent in Malaysia is explained. A business idea is preserved by patenting it. A patent is a form of right which is provided to you by the government or other authorities, which refer this work as yours, and others have no right to claim it as theirs own. The patent rights are only given in case there is public display of the invention. The time frame is also determined that how long the patent owns the certain property. This could be anything like writing, poetry, domain names, brand names or etc.

The history tells very clearly that ideas or work can be copied very easily. With the emergence of online world, the business has potential threat of getting copied. Your ideas or property can be patented, if you do not want it to be copied.

Three types of patents

  1. Design patents: these patents are issued to those who come up with new designs of ornaments or manufacturing.
  2. Plant patents: these are given on the making of very new plant ideas, which were never available in the market.
  3. Utility patents: these patents are given to those who have designed new utility items.


How to patent

What Is A Patent? Business Ideas And Patent In Malaysia
If you are sure that your idea is very new, and you have a fear that it might get copied without your name on it. Then you should apply to patent it. During application you need to present your idea along with detailed nature of the idea.

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If you’re new idea is developed by many around you, like one or two business partners, then you all should patent it with your names. Do an agreement among yourselves that nobody should disclose the idea to others before patenting it.


The patent fees vary from place to place. The fees also depend on the type of your idea and work.

How to be a patent in Malaysia

An application to be logged as a Patent Agent, in the Register of Patents Agents shall be made to the Registrar on form 18 along with the fees. The applicant must have the potential to satisfy the registrar in the following regards :-

  • That he is a permanent resident of Malaysia; or domiciled.
  • That he is an advocate of the High Court of Malaya or a promoter and lawyer of the High Court and Sarawak or Sabah, or has a pertinent degree in a suitable branch or science or engineering from an organization of higher education agreed by the Board of Examiners, or has educations enabling him to advance membership of a specialized engineering or technical organization documented by the Board of Examiners; and
  • He must pass the patent agent examination

Be very firm on your decision of patenting. Though, patenting is must for new business idea but the right strategies and marketing campaign is the most important for the right start of your business. Internet allows people to copy your ideas without even slight notice of it. Therefore, always pay more attention to right business strategies instead of claiming ideas as your own. Ideas do get copied very easily and you cannot your waste your time on claiming them to be yours. So, focus more on building your business and develop right strategies for it.

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