Useful Business Ideas For Clean Energy in Malaysia

Business Ideas For Clean Energy in Malaysia Will Improve The Life Of Malaysians

Malaysia has already set the target to produce clean energy by 2030. Science, technology, the environment, and climate change ministries are having regular meetings to come up with business ideas, which can help in saving the costs and clean energy in Malaysia. Solar, water and wind are the forms of energies which are considered to be clean energies.

If you aim to profit from fast-growing clean energy business or contribute to the well-being of the Malaysian community, then here is the business list for you.  Industries are looking for people and places who are taking a lot of interest in clean energy. You can come up with your ideas as well and grab this opportunity to be an entrepreneur of clean energy in Malaysia. Firstly, analyze yourself and your experiences and dig out which area interests you the most. Some people just come up with the idea and sell that idea to businesses, instead of building an empire, think wisely before opening anything. Some of the business ideas for clean energy are as follows.


Selling Solar Panels

The solar panel has gained importance in recent years and people are looking for ways to replace their energy systems, with solar panels. Once, the solar panel is bought and installed the cost is very less as compared to regular energy sources. Solar panels in Malaysia usually come from China and Hong Kong. You can buy these panels in cheap price in a bulk and can sell them to retailers and installers. Manufacturers want to sell their products to potential buyers; therefore, you can have a business deal with them. This way you can get the panels at cheap rates when you will buy them in bulk.

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Solar Water Pumping System

Water pumping machines consume a lot of energy, but water is a vital part of life. You might start a business that can provide water pumping machines which can work on solar panels. The solar panel will preserve energy from sunlight and transform it into water pumping systems to work on cost-effective methods.


Solar Fridge

Sun omits abundance of energy in one hour which can be used at least for a year. Make a solar fridge and start selling fridge which is run on solar systems. This idea will be accepted in the market as a fridge is the basic necessity and many restaurants and cafes are in search to cut down the cost of energy. Other than restaurants, large office kitchens or homes, are also looking for some renewable energy resource which can reduce their bills.


Solar Consultant

You might not be interested in buying or selling, but you can sell your ideas. You can provide guidance to people or industrial people on installation and how they can invest in solar panels, for a smooth running of their businesses.  For this, you need to have good knowledge of renewable energy sources, market potential, prices, and their benefits. This way you can help them in a deep way.


Repair Services

Though solar panels have the potential to last longer than expected, there is still a chance of breakdown. Start a repair and maintenance business which should be proficient in repairing of clean energy.


Solar Water Geezers

This will have a great market scope because people are looking for appliances which are cost effective. Normally geezers run on gas or electricity which are not costly. Solar panel geezers will help in preserving energy from the sun and using it to run the geezers. All homes and restaurants need hot water systems installed. It will really help them to get hot waters with clean energy and cut down their costs as well.

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Solar Cell Phones

Make cell phones which can run on solar energy this way their charging will not be finished and they will be automatically charged in the daytime. It will increase their battery life and reduce our hassle to keep it on charge most of the time. You can create chargers which can store energy from the sunlight can be used by mobile phones and laptops.


Solar Training Services

This will be a very smart business for people who have great knowledge of this platform. They can train other people on solar installation and their working. This way they can become solar educators and earn a handsome income.

Useful Business Ideas For Clean Energy in Malaysia



You can make your innovation by creating bio-fuel which can be environment friendly and can cut down the cost of petrol. This will help running heavy machines, cars, generators and other appliances which use petrol. This will help in preserving the environment as well as will be cost savvy. This business idea can help you generate a lot of income, as there is a lot of scope and there are no entrepreneurs who are working actively to turn this idea into reality.



In Malaysia, the clean energy business has already taken its place but there are still loopholes which can be covered with new business startups. Raising awareness about solar panels is very much necessary. It’s coming up with a startup that can benefit people as well. Clean energy in Malaysia has a wide scope as people are already health conscious and they are looking for ways which can cut down the pollution from environments. So, this is the right time for you to come up with a business plan in Malaysia, implement it and grab your share from the market.

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