Tech-Savvy Business Idea for Rise of Chatbots in Malaysia

The Rise of Chatbots in Malaysia is Beneficial to Companies

The rise of chatbots in Malaysia are starting to become a regular in enterprises. They are helpful to companies in saving costs and have more efficiency in completing personalized data. chatbots also improve customer and employee experience.

Even if they are new in the world of business, chatbots have gained followers and engagement in the sector of consumers. Chat applications like WeChat, Kik and Link have featured chatbots. This is where a user can ask questions in a chat box. The response the person receives is similar to how a human answers inquiries and questions. This is why there is a rise of chatbots in Malaysia.

It is Where Customers are

Chatbots have artificial intelligence programs embedded in them. They can start a conversation with humans. Their existence is over 60 years and this is not a new technology. Chatbots can be used on different media communications.

The best example is WeChat, which has 600 million users in China alone every day. Most of them use it for real service platforms from the app by registering a payment method. WeChat has millions of daily transactions which is followed by the giants like Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple and Google.

Facebook Messenger has 1.2 billion users, so it can establish itself as platform of choice to access a lot of mobile services. In the USA, Facebook Messenger users can order a meal by talking to a restaurant that has the application.

The Best Bots Have an Automated Human Interaction

There will come a point when you will need to speak to human. For instance, a person who is trying to purchase event tickets has a question about being disabled: “Do you have parking for the disabled?” Bot answers, “Yes, we do, you only need to show your disabled permit”.

The customer says, “I only broke my leg yesterday, I do not have a permit yet.” The chatbot will either get stuck and give them an answer from the FAQ. Or it will give an apology like, “Sorry, I am unable to help with that, give us a call.” The customer is unhappy and your brand is embarrassed. This is why a hand off is essential and that is why artificial intelligence helps when a situation like this happens.

You have to craft contexts carefully so that proper expectations are set, or a fall back in case the bot fails.

Social Chatbots

Applications for instant messaging already have the advantage of being installed already and can be used daily. So, if a brand wishes to launch a certain service on new platforms will no longer have to download them. There is no need for customers to download the application and only have to search for the brand like how they will search a friend to talk to.

Tech-Savvy Business Idea for Rise of Chatbots in Malaysia

Applications for instant messaging are turning into breeding grounds for fresh interactive services used by brands. In the past, people were used to look for all applications only on app stores/ Now, chatbots for every service will soon rise.All instant messengers are empowering a dynamic and substantial ecosystem for the next years.

How to Succeed

The goal is to start having a couple of wins and then grow bot solutions to utilize the benefits of data and personalization.

Smart Messaging is a very important value proposition of chatbots. Basically, for the messages to be smart, they need to have 2 inmate characteristics:

High Value – The message is of great importance. For instance, a banking bot should warn a customer if there is an ‘irregular activity’ on their account.

Preventive – These are messages that intends to solve a problem before it even happens. Everyone despises overdraft fees. Banking bots are helpful when it comes to avoiding them. A message will be sent to you before an overdraft happens.

New Kind of Customer Interaction

Making an enterprise chatbot involves the deployment of only 1 system that can be distributed to platforms since they are mostly web-based applications. This cuts on development costs. It lets a rapid distribution throughout the entire enterprise. It is because the environments currently deployed may or may not support them.

Another good thing about chatbots is that the enterprise can easily customize and personalize it. This is crucial when it comes to delivering great customer experience.

Start Small

Choose 1 or 2 communication channels and apply 1 or 2 cases which can solve a difficult point for you and the customers. Start marketing that solution to customers because messaging will not work if they are not aware of it.

Those first use cases have to be refined. Do not go with the hype and try it all right away. The good thing about messaging is when the industry comes becomes its own, there are tools in place already. Dmpanies and customers have already adapted. This is a win-win outcome for you at the end.

There is a bright future for chatbots and humans who clearly see all of the business opportunities they give. This explains why there is a rise of chatbots in Malaysia and you should definitely use this to your advantage.