List of Investment 2019 That Malaysia SME Should Know About

You Need to Be Aware of the Investments Available for Foreigners in Malaysia Before You Start Planning and Strategizing

A lot of investors want to open a business in Malaysia because of their robust economy, supportive government, developed infrastructure, and educated workforce. These factors have turned this Asia-Pacific country in an ideal and attractive investments hub for foreign investors.

The SMEs in Malaysia can expect to have transformative technologies of about 83% so they can have investment precedence. Then they are currently followed by technologies which are 78%, then intangible assets at 73% (which includes patents, copyrights, trademarks, goodwill, and franchises), and the fixed assets are 71%.

F & B

This is always a stable market and it is impossible to go wrong with this business. Malaysians love to eat, and they do it whether they are hungry or just for the past time. They find yummy food irresistible, and they like your product, it can be a sustainable income for you.

The good thing about this is you can create good food without needing a lot of capital, and when you have loyal customers, growing this kind of business is easy. The disadvantage of this is you are competing with a lot of business owners who are in the same industry. In order for you to beat them, you need to be unique so you will stand out against your competitors.

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Even if you do not have a lot of capital for a restaurant business, there is always an option to start small. You can put up a Facebook page where customers can send you their orders and you can deliver from your home.

Stock Market

The Exchange-traded Funds is the simplest way to make an investment in Malaysia. Investing in Malaysia’s stock market offers diversity and you can easily buy and sell them in the US stock exchanges. The most popular one in Malaysia is the iShares MSCI Malaysia Index Fund (NYSE:EWM) that is similar to the MSCI Malaysia Index.

The American Depository Receipts (ADRs) is another option that international investors can do to avoid foreign exchanges. You can buy individual companies as part of a bigger portfolio. However, investors should know that a lot of ADRs are illiquid and you can have a hard time buying and selling them at good prices.

E-Commerce Store

E-commerce stores are still very popular, making it an ideal investment for anyone. You can sell products from a popular website for shopping online. For instance, Lazada and Carousell have become very popular in Malaysia, and they are both very reliable platforms in Malaysia. You just have to source products that your audience is looking for. When you have the right products and you do the marketing properly, you can earn a lot. You also have a lot of flexibility when you have your own e-commerce website.

Real Estate

Malaysia’s real estate market is continuously growing and the government takes a lot of initiatives like projects that are meant for low to high-income people. The demand for real estate in Malaysia is becoming higher especially in prime locations like Penang, Kuala Lumpur, and Johor. You can now have a chance to take advantage of this market and earn more.

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Food Truck Business

If owning a physical shop or restaurant needs a lot of capital, then you can go for a food truck business. This is part of the huge F&B business which there is a lot to explore. A food truck business calls for small capital and only a small team is needed for this business.

The good thing about owning a food truck business is that you can easily move from one location to the next in order to test the market, and have your own customer base. You can make a simple meal to sell at a reasonable price so you can attract a lot of customers.

Mobile Phone Accessories

Having a mobile phone business is going to be very profitable for anyone, as long as they handle it properly. With the constant innovation and invention in technology, people always want to get the latest cellphone, and that means buying accessories for their new phone each time. There are always new accessories coming out, and people always have an urge to purchase them. If you own a business that sells mobile accessories, you will for sure have customers who are always looking for new or latest mobile accessories.

List of Investments 2019 That Malaysia SME Should Know About

Photography Service

It is hard to go wrong with a photography business. People choose to go to a professional photographer for precious and memorable events. A wedding photographer is in high demand and you can earn a maximum of RM10,000 per event, based on your skills and experience.

When you are doing photography, you are not just limited to weddings. A lot of customers ask for a pre-wedding photoshoot, even outdoor photoshoot, and more. You can also cover birthday parties, concerts, etc.

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Fashion Design

The people in Malaysia are very fashion conscious, and they want to stay in style. A lot of fashion designers know what they want and know how to cater to their market in Malaysia. If you have the skills, you can easily start designing from home and creating customized clothes for people. You can start from there, and eventually put up your own store once you have established a name for yourself in Malaysia’s fashion industry.

These are the businesses that SMEs in Malaysia should know about for 2019 if they want to succeed. With the fast-growing economy of Malaysia and the capacity of people to patronize foreign businesses, there is a good chance that you will earn a good profit here.