Creative Business Ideas for a Cleaning Service in Malaysia

Ideas to Have for a Cleaning Service in Malaysia

A cleaning business is very competitive. It is complicated to start when you are similar to every service-related business. Finding your specific niche as a company specializing in cleaning service in Malaysia can help your business excel right away.

Before deciding to open a cleaning business, you need to make sure it suits you. If you are thinking of leaving your job to start a cleaning business, you should enough savings to starting a business in Malaysia. Make sure to still be okay while your business is just starting out. A cleaning service in Malaysia is a good opportunity for you to succeed.

Cleaning of Air Duct and Vent

A business cleaning dust and dirt found in vents that travels between furnace and ducts is manageable. When you turn on the air conditioner or heater, the particles get forced to enter your rooms which causes the spread of allergens and viruses. The ducts have to be cleaned every year in order to prevent germs from spreading.

Creative Business Ideas for a Cleaning Service in Malaysia

The most effective method for getting rid of unwanted particles. You need long hoses and attachments to get the dirt. The last thing to do is to loosen the dust. Use specialized filters to catch them.

Disasters and Restoration

Disasters usually leave dirt, residue and debris like if a home has gone through a fire, it might be soot everywhere and there is plenty of dirt. You can earn money from having a cleaning business that help sites perform cleaning and restoration that was affected by a disaster. These can be big jobs and make sure you research about the equipment you will need to run the business properly.

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Construction Cleaning

If you decide on this, you are going to need more equipment like ladders, shop vac, and many others. These kinds of jobs normally need 2 to 3 people. The construction needs more cleaning.

You might have to get rid of labels and stickers found on windows and showers. Some will need you to clean vents to get rid of dust from the construction.

Cleaning of Dryer Vent

The good thing about promoting safety is an excellent idea. There are countless fires, even burned wiring because of overheated clothes and dryers. It only takes vacuuming fuzz and washing lint to keep the drivers working properly.

However, cleaning the vent of dryers is easy for homeowners to do. You can help them with maintenance and offer them a schedule.

Furniture Cleaning

Your business can be about furniture cleaning and rejuvenation.

People need help for old furniture to look new and smell fresh again. This is a competitive business but if you have the best marketing skills and services, you will not have a hard time penetrating the market.

Cleaning Cemetery Headstones

This is great in terms of a startup cleaning business. Through time, tombstones are going to age and will start to chip and crack. Their loved ones are going to do what they can to keep the tombstone in good shape by putting fresh flowers and trimming around the tombstone. Although, weather conditions and time can cause headstones to have discoloration and wearing. This is why your business is going to come in handy in this situation. They can hire your services to clean the headstone of their loved ones so it stays polished and in good condition.

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If you want to have this kind of business, you need to do your homework. You should know what is needed before it cracks or chips off and when cleaning will no longer help.

Hotel Cleaning

Another profitable cleaning business is to set up your own cleaning service for hotels. Most of the hotels want to outsource the service and cut costs instead of hiring a cleaning staff and deal with their pension and welfare packages. This is something they need to offer if they hired permanent staff. A lot of hotels do not want to go through all of that and would rather get your services because they do not have to worry about pension and welfare packages.

Parking Lot Cleaning

A lot of businesses are found in busy streets where there is a lot of debris and trash that go to their parking lots, and this is why an idea for a business startup is to specialize in cleaning parking lots. You can have a business where you are in a contract to keep their parking lot clean regularly. You will have a lot of return businesses and small ideas from this. You are going to need big brooms and trash containers with wheels, unless you start expanding to grease removal.

Roof Cleaning

It is not normal that rooftops are always dirty and you can teach people about the importance of having a clean roof, especially when it comes to promoting the lifespan of roofs. By offering to clean roofs for a price, you are going to make a lot of income because people will hire you to clean their roof.

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These ideas for a cleaning service in Malaysia are great because they are realistic and everyone would want to live in a clean and tidy place. In addition, not everyone has the time to clean which is why you are here.