Business Ideas For Tackling Cyber Attacks In Malaysia

Cyber Attacks In Malaysia And Business Ideas To Handle The Situation

Cyber attacks rate in Malaysia is on rising, as soon as it is near to be a developed country, and its rate for Cyber attacks has also increased. Malaysia is going through the prospect of experiencing US$12.2 billion (US$1=RM4.04) in financial losses, which is nearly 4% of its (GDP) of US$296 billion, all because of cybersecurity issues. If these losses are not handled on time and proper protection is not given to online properties, then an increase in cybercrimes can be seen in future

Though, it is not happy news that Malaysia in under threat of cyber attack, but it opens door to new business entrants. Those who dream for a business in Malaysia can come up with business ideas, which can secure the online properties and it can help in generating income as well.

An IT professional is the best candidate who can initiate this business. The reason behind this is the IT people have background knowledge, experience, and information on the hacking systems. They can come up with the best possible solutions for the problems. Some of the cybersecurity businesses in Malaysia are as follows:


Security Specialist

If you are mastered at providing cybersecurity issues, then you can join companies on an hourly basis. Your job is to design and monitor the security of the company’s online property. Small companies will prefer to hire you for part-time rather than for full time. This way you can join a lot of companies and earn as much as you can.


Forensic Expert

A forensic expert is a person who knows how to protect computers, networks, and websites. They are also called digital experts. Many companies look for these experts as they want to keep check and balance of their network and security. You can start your own venture of a digital expert.


Info Assurance

An info assurance engineer has the job to study the mechanism of a company and track the breaches in the security system. A lot of studies and experience is vital in this field. The task is to monitor and control the data which is being attacked. So, if you are good at it, you can offer your services to industries which really need it.


Information Security

A lot of companies are facing the problem of cyber attacks in Malaysia, where their important information at risk. Competitors use this information to analyze their business plan and work on it. Many companies try to secure their data but sometimes they fail to do so. You can provide services to such companies in which their private data should be kept confidential.


Malware Analyst

If you have vast experience related to computers and you can easily detect that the computer is under threat, you can start this business. All you have to do is to keep a check on the computers if they are under attack or not, and how to keep them safe from malware. Your job is to continuously remove the malware and keep the computers in working order.


Solution Architect

As a solutions architect, your job is to consider all the features of a scheme to provide a solution. The solutions are especially necessary for the operations of relationship management, supply chains, product life cycles, and human resource management.  A solution architect is prone to provide solutions to each client based on their type of problem and need.

Business Ideas For Tackling Cyber Attacks In Malaysia


Marketing Specialist

New cyber attacks plans have intended to attack the marketing operations and make sure the work does not run smoothly. Marketing companies need people who can make sure their systems run smoothly. Their marketing platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can be hacked. The marketing specialist should keep checking whether these platforms have any chance of vulnerabilities or not. You have to be a specialist to manage these platforms, as companies are ready to outsource these security services.



Along with all these needs of the market, you can analyze and research the market and come up with your own idea. The idea should be based on the need and demand of the customers. This way you will have more chance of getting business in Malaysia. Malaysia has many software houses and industrial areas which have potential threat of being attacked. You can grab the opportunity to develop a business plan in Malaysia and make a security system that can help the business as well.