Business Idea: Make And Sell Baked Goods In Malaysia

To Make And Sell Baked Good In Malaysia Is A Good Business To Start With

Baking and selling goods in Malaysia is comparatively easier, as retaining a home bakery is cost savvy than having a retail shop. But, there are certain things and instructions which need to be followed to run the business smoothly. It is not that plain to just bake items and sell them. Keep reading to know more about it.

There is some hard work which you need to consider before opening a home bakery in Malaysia. It is a good market for new businesses, but good taste really matters to the consumers. They are ready to buy quick meals for them, but if the items are taste oriented. All you need to have for this business is an oven, internet connection, good baking skills and baked items.

Technology has made it a lot easier, so if you intend to open your own bakery, do not procrastinate. Some of the well-known baked goods are Bread, toasted bread, toasted products, breakfast cereals ,cakes, biscuits, pastries, waffles, wafers, crisp bread, gingerbread etc. In Malaysia the baked goods are consumed in alternative to rice or noodles. The aspects which affect the growth of the baked products are: it’s ready to eat nature, different tastes and new improvements in taste which increase its charm to consume more.

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People are health conscious these days, which leads to innovation in healthy baked items in Malaysia. People look for healthy ingredients which are healthy in nature, as well as taste oriented. Therefore, baked goods with healthy ingredients are rapidly increasing in demand, production and higher growth.

With a revolution in the recent increase in healthcare, people are shifting towards organic food with low carbs and calories and rich in nutritious value. Consumers are also shifting towards products which are free from gluten and sugar. Therefore, a new business has to be designed according to the demand of the market.

There is an increase demand in customized cakes for parties and other occasions. The future of baked goods in Malaysia has a major chance of growth. Urban lifestyle and low time in cooking are also one of the major reasons that baked goods are appreciated. Internet and easy mobilization has also helped the business industries to expand further. Super markets and hyper markets are the biggest channels for distribution of baked goods.

Business Idea: Make And Sell Baked Goods In Malaysia
Steps to open a home bakery: sell baked goods in Malaysia

  • You have to write a business plan.
  • Make a cost plan that how much cost is needed to initiate and run the business at least for 3 months, without any expectation of high income.
  • Set the price for each baked good.
  • Try to organize a small event which offers free bakery items for testing. This way more people will get to know about it and the business will start working.
  • Get a good internet connection.
  • Make a website for getting online orders, and advertising your baked goods.
  • Take orders on other social mediums like Facebook page, what Sapp and Instagram.
  • Be very cautious for delivery timings as this will help in developing the trust of the customers.
  • Hire chefs. if you think you will need help with the increase in demand.
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Things to consider

  • Try testing the products before you sell them, because sometimes a chef is mastered at making them but the larger ratio of the orders can confuse the chef as well. Therefore, it is necessary to be a professional at a product which you are going to sell.
  • Time should also be considered that weather the same item can be made in a short time or not, otherwise do not claim to deliver order in a shortest possible time.
  • Take real photos of the baked goods which you are going to sell, because when you display photos taken from the internet and the delivered baked good does not come out the same, the customers can make a fuss about it.
  • Do not forget to market your business around your surroundings. Try to tell everyone your friends, family, neighbors to buy your products or offer them free testing. This way they will test the products and help in spreading the word as well.

If you have love for bakery items and are passionate to bake as well, then do not give up. Selling baked goods in Malaysia is a very rewarding task and it is a fun job to do as well. People also appreciate baked items and do not hesitate to buy baked goods. You have to give them good taste and on time service to keep them happy. Do not expect that business will boom within days; a lot of hard work, time, effort, dedication and right steps will help in making it successful. Go slow and give your full time to market your business along with fulfilling the customers demand. Try to make loyal customers, who will be constant buyers, they call also help in spreading the word. Always chose the business which you love to do, because the love will keep you going, and in this way business will keep expanding.

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